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recalling emails

recalling emails

when might we see this ? This moring I just wanted to correct a link (moments after send, I of course discovered the error) but no can do without resending. THis would be so helpful, and (I don't think) not super challenging to implement.


IN THE MEANTIME, clear and accurate messaging is so appreciated. When I click on the "edit" button for a sent email, you say "you must first copy so as not to impact reporting" but that implies there might be a way to fix it without copying if you dont care about reporting, which is not true. Rather than send me down the rabbit hole that doesn't exist (and take the time of your chat support staff) just say "in order to edit a sent email you must first copy the email, then make any corrections and resend. Currently there is no way to edit the email you sent without resending." Thank you.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @BookTrust,


As far as recalling an email-- currently there is no way for us to update the email that is already in a recipient's inbox.  However-- it sounds like even an easier way to send out a 'retraction' or 'update' on that campaign would be helpful for you.  Is that correct?


I appreciate the feedback around clearer messaging.  I totally agree and will be sharing it with our Product Team.




Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Since we haven't heard back from you this idea is being marked as closed. Please do not hesitate to post again if you have additional feedback!