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I had to resend 3 emails yesterday. Your office was closed on Sunday so I decided to pull up my original campaign and use the resend button. I never did this before and it looked to me as though the email was resent to the same people as my original email. Later my boss received an email saying the emails didn't send. This morning I learned that you can't resend using the original email you need to make a copy and then resend it to the recipients. The info under reporting as well on the campaign page is misleading. I thought everything was fine but it was showing results from sending the campaign the first time. Please take a look at how this process works (resending a sucessfull campaign a 2nd time), to see what you can do to improve the process. Thanks
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Hi @dominickf87  thank you for sharing this feedback with us! What was the steps you took when trying to resend your email campaign? Were you trying to send this campaign to new contacts? If so our quicksend feature would be a great option for this! Does this tool help with your needs?

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