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It's a great feature. Thank you! to make it more useful, I'd like to request a couple of actions: 1. to be able to export the list 2. to be able to create a List from the group so that I can easily email them all. 3. to be able to click on their name under the segmentation list and easily access their contact information, year they joined, notes etc for ease. Thanks
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

@TachinaR Thank you for your feedback and we are glad you like the feature and find it useful. As for your questions you are able to export the segmented list as well as create a list from the segment. If you click on the three dots to the right of your segment it will bring up an option menu with a number of different options for you and adding to a list and export are both options. This is a knowledge base article that shows you how to add a defined list segment to a contact list. As for your third question about being able to click on a contact record from within the segment I understand how this would be useful and will bring this idea up to the product owners.

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That 3rd point about being able to click on their name to expand for further info, I find the current way to do this very frustrating. Way back when I started using CC (maybe it was 1st gen?), when you pulled up lists of contacts or lists of people who clicked on a link, you could see mutiple columns of their data without clicking into each individual record as you ahve to do now. And in some cases there were two views that provided different data so you could really see a lot of data for multiple contacts on one screen. And further, you could print it out if you wanted to save it for reference. With today's version of CC you can do neither. Even with the meager information supplied in the lists now, you can't print it out because no one has bothered to develop print styles that work for your website, or at least not for that part of it. The only way you can print a list is to keep shrinking it til it fits on one page, because only one page shows content when you print.
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@JulieL34 Thank you for the feedback about the ability to see more contact field data without the need to click into the record and how useful it would be to have a better option to print the information.  I can see how this would be useful.  The team is always looking for this type of feedback to give the users a better experience so please continue to provide it.