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this is the third time i have attempted a letter and just when I am about finished, the slightest clitch wipes out all the work just produced. How is that? I have never had this happen with any other template. I am pretty savy at what I do and I feel very frustrated as I am always working later at night.

Hi @Evelyned6,


Thanks for letting us know! Would you be able to provide some additional information?


- What browser/version were you working in when this happened?

- Can you tell me a little bit more about the action were you taking when you noticed your work had been wiped out?

- Is this only happening while you are working on your campaign, or is it happening in any other section in your account?


Thank you!




Status changed to: Open Questions
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Since we haven't heard back on this thread I am going to mark it as closed. If you are still having trouble while working in your account please reach out. 

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