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I used to be able to edit my hyperlinks in buttons so that when I got an email response, it would have the subject line filled in with what I pre-typed. That feature is now missing. Can I have it back?
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With the new third generation editor, programming did away with the Button link option that allowed you to customize the email reponse with pre-filled subject and content lines.   It was probably the best feature CC had and now and it has been dumbed down for some reasone.  Then to make matters worse, the source code feature is now gone from the button system so you cant even make embeded changes.    I guess the programmers think the users are stupid and cant use HTML. 


Unfortunately there are a lot of good things in the third generation editor so I hope this option is returned.  




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@MattW411 Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.  I apologize for any frustration you are experiencing. You can still create an email response with pre-filled in subject line and content in the 3GE editor using this knowledge base article.  I hope this helps.

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