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unsending emails

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unsending emails

It would be nice that if a list is mistakenly added to a scheduled email, that it could be retracted after being sent. We have a new employee that mistakenly selected the wrong lists and it would be to correct this mistake.  You are able to unsend emails on a regular email platform, I do not see why this cannot be arranged within constant contact. Thank you!

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CTCT Employee
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Hey @YourOwnRet, thanks for your feedback! When it comes to recalling an email, this is unfortunately not something that would be possible due to privacy and security concerns. Once an email is sent to a recipient, it is in their inbox within seconds. As their inbox is private, we would have no way to gain access and recall the email. However-- it sounds like even an easier way to send out a 'retraction' or 'update' on that campaign would be helpful for you.  Is that correct?