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Adding Columns

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Adding Columns

I want to add some 'column title blocks' to the column template. I found where I may select one, yet it runs the width of the entire newsletter, and it seems for there to be no way to resize and have three columns in a row as with the template already has in sections. 

As well, is there an add table feature..?


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Adding Columns, Site Corrupted, Hacker, Not Able to Add HTML or Access Forum

There is something wrong with Constant Contact. The site seems corrupted, perhaps someone messing around in tek.  I am requiring for you all to see into what person is doing this. Someone added a music image for my profile and I had not done that. So what person did it. I require an answer for that, as it is a security problem. Anyway, I keep trying to sign into the forum and it accepts the info and yet I am still not signed in. I am not able to post. 

In relation to my email, I am signed in there. I keep trying to add some basic edits to the html and it refuses to save it. It says it is saved, yet when I go back in, the new code is not there.

As well, I want to add a basic embed video code for people to play a reel within the email if they want to. Is there an ideal way to effect it, I was going to use the standard youtube code. 

Anyway, replying to my own original post seems to be the only way to get a message to you all, so make certain to respond! 

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Re: Adding Columns, Site Corrupted, Hacker, Not Able to Add HTML or Access Forum

Hi Clark,


I apologize for all the trouble you are having.  I'd be happy to help you.


  • By default the Community assigns you an avatar at random.  No one has gone into your account to change this as only the Community Manager has that ability and she has not done so.  If you would like to change your avatar, click on "My Settings" up in the top right of this forum

My Settings in Community.png Then from here, you can click on Avatars in the blue tabs.  Then you can choose a new avatar.




  • I'm sorry that you're having trouble posting.  You should be logged in because the system is allowing you to post replies.  When you get to the Community, you need to login under the User Discussions area.  The login is located in the same place as where you see your Screen Name and My Settings and Help above.
  • What type of edits are you trying to add to your email as far as html goes? Some html gets pushed out and doesn't display as our WYSIWYG editors are not really made to accept external html.
  • The best way to insert a video into your email is to use our Insert Video option. This pulls your video from YouTube, Vimeo and Blip.TV and puts a thumbnail in the email that is clicable back to the website where the video is hosted.  There is no way to embed an actual video into your email.
  • We do have 3 column templates. You can find them by searching under Basic Templates when logged into your Email Marketing account.

Please let me know what browser and version you are currently using as well?


Thanks, Clark. I look forward to helping you!


Re: Adding Columns

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