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Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

Occasional Participant

Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

What is the best time/day/month or hour to send out a monthly newsletter with product information and sale/coupons?  I run a decorating business and specializing in window treatments.  I usually send one out a month but only a quarter are opened and not much response.  Just would like to know if one day of the week is better then the other for "busy" people/customers to read.

Thanks for all your help! 

Occasional Participant

Best day of the week to send an email?

When's the best time of the week to send an email that will be read quickly?  I run a decorating, window treatment sales and service and usually send a newsletter once a month or every other month but have little response as far as opens.  Only a quarter of my emails are open (yes they are active emails).  My emails are usually decorating advice, with coupons or discounts or manufacturer rebates.  Thanks

Regular Advisor

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

Donna, I've always heard Tuesdays are one of the best days to send it. It often depends on your industry of course. We also shoot for pay days (15th and 30th) for reasons I probably don't need to explain. 


Hope this helps!

Mike Donovan
Occasional Participant

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

Thanks so much, just wanted some advice especially in the field of selling products and the home.  Much appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?



I think that with your kind of business and product, continuing to inspire folks to be interested in your content would be tough. I know that I have never purchased window treatments more than once per home.

Is your target audience the home owner or the commercial reseller.


Having said that, what is the content of your email and goal of your newsletter?  Brand awareness?  New product announcements?  Where do you get your email addresses from?   Do you segment your list? Figuring out the most compelling content is critical and even then you may still encounter problems as a result of your products.


Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist

Occasional Participant

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are traditionaly the best days.  We send out daily emails so there is a lot of data on this.  Sending the first week of the month makes good sense as well.


Good Luck!

Solution Provider

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

There are many reasons why an email campaign doesn't perform well -- even just the subject line can make ALL the difference. Without a compelling subject line, your emails won't even get opened.

You could do some testing with your subject lines. Try sending the same email with two different subject lines to differentt lists. You could do the same thing when determining when is the best day/time to send -- try sending the same email to different lists at different times.


Also, I recently read that Saturday morning is the best time to send. The "perfect" time always seems to be changing.


Good luck!



Holly Anthony
Constant Contact Solutions Provider/Expert
Honored Contributor

Re: Best time to send out monthly newsletter?

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