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Beta Campaign does not save?

Occasional Participant

Beta Campaign does not save?

The Beta templates look great, but they don't save our work - can't use them yet.
Honored Contributor

Re: Beta Campaign does not save?

Hi @The_Head_Gnome 


I'm so sorry to hear that this is happening. If you don't mind, could you answer the following questions for me to best help our team troubleshoot:


  • What browser(s) have you tried? Are you able to try another browser?
  • Were you pasting content or just typing it?
  • Were you adding text or adding an image?
  • Were you working on a wired or wireless connection when you were unable to save?
  • Was they system giving you any error messages?
  • What template were you trying to use?

If you have only tried one browser, you can set your browser to safe-mode or incognito mode and that will start it without any extensions or plugins. If you are able to save in Incognito mode, that would tell us that there is either an extension or plugin that is causing the application to not save. 


To check for your extensions, you can go to chrome://extensions or chrome://plugins for plugins if you're using Chrome. 


Thanks in advance!