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Feature request: preserve links in often-used images & store them in folder

Suggestion: It would be great if we could have a folder in our image library that contained often-used images, with their associated links already embedded and formatted.


An example would be social media icons. Since your social media widget does not have all of the social media icons that our company uses, each time I format an email I have to pull the additional images from my library and link them -- I end up doing the same steps over and over again. It would be nice to only do it one time -- save it -- and then when I need it again (which is for virtually every email I format), all I would have to do would be to pull it from the library, and place it in the template, with the linking already in place.


Additionally, while I now know you can copy a block from a previous email (html code), and paste that code in a new email and block, it would actually be nicer if we could simply have a folder of our most often-used blocks, from which we could pull from and use, over and over again. I could use the social media block as an example here, too. If I could save that block, with all the media icons already in place and linked, and then just pull the the entire block  from a folder, and place it just above the footer to my email each time, it would sure save a lot of time.


Thanks for the consideration.





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Re: Feature request: preserve links in often-used images & store them in folder

Hi Becky,


Great suggestion! The ability to copy blocks within your account is something that is under review currently and our product owners are looking for more feedback. I'm passing your suggestions on to them along with your username.  I also passed on your feedback regarding a way to store the urls that are used with your images.


Keep the suggestions coming!

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