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New Member
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Registered: ‎01-10-2011

How do I print my e newsletter?

How can I print my e newsletter into normal pages - I still need to send out to members who do not have email.
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How do I print my e newsletter?

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Print your email in landscape format. This will cause 1-3 extra pages to be printed, however it should display the entire email. If you want to print it in portrait format and it it too long for letter size paper, you may need to use legal sized paper . You will most likely have to change your printer preference in your browser to: 1. Scale to fit and to (if you want your graphics) 2. print background images and colors. Wishing you success, Sumner M. Davenport Solutions Consultant

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Re: How do I print my e newsletter?

What if you do not want all the email junk, just the pure newsletter?


This question had over 400 views... obviously an issue for many like me!

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Re: How do I print my e newsletter?

I have an option by my print background colors and images option to uncheck called 'Headers and Footers'. That took that line off the bottom for me.

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Re: How do I print my e newsletter?

v1 - Print screen - and crop image.

v2 - Publish to pdf

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Re: How do I print my e newsletter?

It should be EASIER to do this and I should be able to print a seamless copy.  Why doesn't CC add this?


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Re: How do I print my e newsletter?

Hello @KathleenS811


Please pass this on as a new idea in our Feedback area here, so that other users can vote in the idea.  The emails are created and optimized to be viewed within email clients; however the feature of adding a "Print Version" looks like it would be useful to many of our customers.  


This post thread is now archived. Content is saved for education; however, it will not be updated with new links or images. If you need additional information please create a new post/message or if you would like to see this within your account, search in our Feedback area and vote on the idea. 


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