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Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing


Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Not to beat a dead horse here, but AB testing is an absolute must. For many serious marketers, the lack of this feature would mean an immediate disqualification as a vendor. Any leaders in email marketing automatically can not recommend CC because of this. I like Constant Contact for many things, but if it was up to me, we would leave over this feature. I really hope this gets added soon.


Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Has there been any progress on this? It's now November 2013. A/B testing is desperatley needed.


Hard to justify using Constant Contact when it is missing a feature people take for granted.

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Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

I am considering switching to MailChimp, in great part due to the lack of easy or automated A/B testing in Constant Contact. It's so frustrating to have to do this manually, and I feel like CC is really falling behind by not having this feature. I know it's 'being considered', but I'm not sure if that's enough any more, for me.


Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

I agree we really need ab testing.  

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Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Will you ever be adding this feature? It's hugely important for email marketing and we shouldn;t have to 'hack' it by recreating and importing seperate lists. Can you build a split test function into the existing system to make it easy to split test any list? THanks

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Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Hi Jason, 


I appreciate the feedback! The current, manual methodology we afford you in the product is definitely not the best experience--especially when people are strapped for time.


We are currently exploring and planning for this feature, but your feedback is important in determining priority and progress, so please keep the input and votes coming. 


I will be sure to update this thread with any activity on this request. 


Thank you,


Min Lee
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Constant Contact
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Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Not sure how you guys determine your development priorities but maybe a survey would be good instead of individual extremely frustrated votes in the help community and agitated calls to your support team (**guilty!**). I would guess that A/B testing would get pretty high marks, but then again, I'm just one company...


Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

I'm right there with you. If [ ***Competitor*** ] will allow me to test my list before I committ, I'll easily make the move.


Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

I'm perplexed and astonished that CC have replied several times and not even given a timeline for implementation.


You're a marketing email provider and you don't do automatic A/B testing.


You clearly don't understand the industry you're in.




Consider this a very disappointed customer who will look elsewhere for a provider.

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Re: Quick Tip: ABCs of AB Testing

Just ran across this thread and I wanted to offer a vote for A/B testing being a critical component of any email strategy today.