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Sending Emails to specific named people within a campaign - not just 'Dear customer...'

Hi - just looking through the API it seems as though we can only send an email campaign using 'generic email content' - which is fine for the message of the campaign but we want to personalise the email with the actual name of the recipient? Are we misunderstanding something or is that correct?


Appreciate any advice.



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Re: Sending Emails to specific named people within a campaign - not just 'Dear customer...'

Hi Daryl,


When you add a greeting to your email (Where it says, "Dear Contacts First Name), the contact's name will automatically populate when they receive the email, if you have that information in Constant Contact. To add a greeting to your email, follow these steps:


  1. Hover your cursor over the block you want to add a greeting.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit on the block.
  3. Within the block, click where you would like the greeting to appear.
  4. Under Insert section on the left-hand side of the screen, click Greeting.
  5. Edit your greeting.


  • When sending a test email, the greeting will display the name listed in the Contact Information section under the "My Account" link of the account. When the email is scheduled to be sent out, the greeting will show the contact's name.
  • Here you can find additional information on how your customized personal greeting will work.
  • A personalized greeting can also be inserted in a custom HTML email as well.
  • If a prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc is wanted then add them to the import file when uploading the contacts.


I hope this helps,


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