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Sending to multiple list and using list name in XHTML

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Sending to multiple list and using list name in XHTML

I'm new to constant contact an could use some advice from the experts.  Here is my use case:


I have 2 e-mail lists,  A) members who have opted to receive our newletter electronically instead of physical delivery, and a  complete membership list.  There is overlap in lists (A) is a subset of  (.


I want to create an e-mail and send it to List (a) and List (b).  Since I only want to send one e-mail to people who are in both A+B.  I would add A+B as the target lists for the e-mail.


Likewise, I'd like to alter the text in the e-mail based on whether the recipient is in List A or List B.  So I can thank those in List A for taking electronic delivery, and ask those in List B to consider taking electronic delivery.


Which brings up two questions:


1)  Is there a property (like the subscriber.firstname, etc.) which contains the list name which I could use inside the <IfPropertyExists> tag to alter the content? Or should I use a custom field in each list and populate that with the list name?  If I do the later, can I force the value of this property to a constant value when users signup to the list?


2) Assuming I can do (1), the next question is when I send to A+B, I am expecting constant contact to first use all e-mail address in (A) and then only the e-mail addresses in ( which a not in A - such that the Subscriber properties (or the ListName property if available) would come from List A and not List B for e-mail address in both lists.





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Re: Sending to multiple list and using list name in XHTML

Hello Peter,


Welcome to Constant Contact I'd be happy to assist you with your list questions.


1. Contacts in Constant Contact can be in as many lists as you desire but they still only is one contact profile for each email address so the information. This means that each email address whether it is in List A or List B will have all the same data on it.


So with this in mind, use a custom field to insert the custom text; each Custom field can have up to 50 characters of information in them, but you can string multiple custom fields together to length the amount of characters you have. (For example in The XHTML you would have <Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2"/>).


Unfortunately you would not be able to force the value of this property when they sign up to your list, you would have to manually add this content to the custom field sections.


2. Constant Contact will not send to a duplicate email address on the same send

Andrew H.

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Re: Sending to multiple list and using list name in XHTML

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