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Support Blog - Diving into the Developer Network

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Today's Support blog post will have you Diving into the Developer Network.



If you're reading this, you can probably see the tabs up at the top of the screen. One tab, the Developer Network, is what today's blog post is all about.


Have you ever heard of an API? It stands for Application Programming Interface and it allows you to do a variety of cool things with our product. Want a custom Join My Mailing List form for separate lists? The API can help.


In today's blog post, Jaime McCall goes over what the Developer Network can do for you.You'll learn about API Keys, Code Samples and the Developer forum.


For the full post, check out: Diving into the Developer Network


My favorite piece of code on the Developer forum? The Constant Contact Sign Up Form Generator. This generator will allow you to create your own separate sign up forms by using HTML Code. It's easy to use and only requires basic HTML knowledge. Check it out.


I'd love to hear from anyone from the Community who has visited the Developer Network. What have you done with the API? Feel free to comment here or in the Comments section of the blog post.





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