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Utilizing additional field info for sending emails

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Utilizing additional field info for sending emails

Is there a way to send emails to contacts with content in their additional customzible fields?  Constant Contact allows you to create additional text fields but I cant see how to then sort or send by using the field information. For instance if you have a field for "level" can you send only to "level 1" or "level 2"?


Would I have to create a LIST for each additional text field?


I have a master spreadsheet and would like to periodically overwrite the contacts 'level" information , if I use the TAG function it seems to me it just adds a new tag and doesnt overwrite the old tag.


any help gratefully received

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Re: Utilizing additional field info for sending emails

You can send to lists or tags within a list, but you can't send to folks based of the contents of a custom field.

The contents of a custom field can be placed in the body of an email but it can also be searched on using the custom search option.


I found this an interesting question so I did a little testing.  I downloaded a birthday list that had the tag MAY in it.  I then went into the file and replaced the TAG field from MAY to JUNE and then uploaded it.  What I found surprised me.  In addition to the members of the list being added to the JUNE tag they remained with the MAY tag as well.   I was hoping to over write that field as it wouuld have a normal field.


CTCT is this a BUG ????


So you can use the contents of the tag field in the master file to modify your tags and then as a result send to that specific tag.


This may be something that would work for you.


Use a master list, then update the "custom field" not the TAG with the new level information.

Then import the entire list and use the custom search option to look for your level information.


The result of the search will present you with the "subset" of your list that match your search criteria.


Then use those names to create a new list that you can send to . 


The TAG solution seems to be the most elegant.



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Re: Utilizing additional field info for sending emails

thanks for the reply, I find it frustrating that you can capture fields when clients sign up but then not be able to sort by any custom fields when sending emails. For instance Gender is an obvious one. You must either create a list OR tag each contact you cant send to only Males.


When someone signs up through our website as a Level X Female I am unable to use this information when sending mailshots to Level X Females. I must first Tag this contact manually. CC offered a solution to export the whole contact list then reimport and add custom field as a tag but very clunky.


We have levels as tags and as you found when you import tags via files they add the tags but do not overwrite them. again very frustrating


Also found that if you have a spreadsheet with columns you can import a column as a tag BUT only one column at a time, no way to import multiple tags at once. 


Tags in theory sound good but arent that easy to maintain...

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Re: Utilizing additional field info for sending emails

Hi Everyone.


Thank you so much for posting in the community.


Unfortuntely right now the tagging feature is functioning as designed...


You are handling things the easiest way right now by tagging the contacts and then adding them to their own list.

However, we would absolutely love it if you would post your feedback in our Contacts suggestion forum. Our engineers are constantly monitoring these boards and it would be great if this could be seen by them.


I completely agree that it would be great to get even more out of our tagging feature.

Please leave your feedback here:

Contacts Feedback and Suggetions

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