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Web Safe Font options

We know a big concern when you are creating your email is if you are using a font that will show correct in your recipient’s inbox. We’ve made this simple for you by creating a list of web safe fonts for you to use in your emails. When you are editing your email these safe fonts will be listed in the font menu as seen below:



We did not take away any of the other font options but if you do choose a font that is not web safe you will see a warning message that says: “These fonts may not be on your readers computers and could cause the email to look differently when received. Are you sure you want to continue?” You are welcome to continue using the font of your choice and hide this warning in the future.


You will see this change in the Email Marketing tool, Event invites, Survey invites and editing pages and in your welcome email, update profile email and change of interest email screens. We also created an FAQ about these fonts for you to use as a reference!


Does this change any of the fonts you typically use?

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