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Why is the email not showing up in the inbox or in the spam?

My co-worker cannot receive any CC emails. We thought she was unsubscribed, but is not. It's not showing up at all, either in her inbox or her spam. It just disappears. She actually designs several of our emails so it's important she be able to review them.
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Why is the email not showing up in the inbox or in the spam?

Some email programs delete emails, rather than deliver or put in spa, junk, or bulk folders. And some Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be blocking, instead of filtering, one of Constant Contact's IP addresses. Since Constant Contact does not always send your email from the same IP address, it is not possible to determine which particular IP address has been blocked. To make sure that all the IP addresses are being accepted by your contact's ISP, you will want to have them whitelisted.. You have to contact your ISP to whitelist them. If the email client is blocking the emails, then the sending email address needs to be whitelisted or added to the permission list. Wishing you success,
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