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Re: Chaging table height using <TD> tag

Have you considered using a <hr /> horizontal rule in your code? Drop it into HTML view wherever you want the line. I think (haven't tried it, though) that you could use inline styles to modify or recolor the line.


If you have a website and server access, you can store additional images on your own server and put the path to the image in the insert-image box. That's what I do, and it works great! I only use Constant Contact's image hosting for buttons, logos and things I use over and over.



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Re: Changing table height using <TD> tag

Brian, I got the impression you are trying to create space between two blocks.  My insertion technique does that.


You can also simply insert the horizontal graphic in the same block with your text and not use any addition blocks at all.  I guess without seeing an example I'm doing a bad job visualizing your dilemma.



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Formatting text on Homepage

I dont' seem to be able to get the script to be single-spaced.  Have tried pasting in my word copy but the only time text is single spaced is if it is a bulletted or numbered.  And I don't find any "clear format" option for the Homepage blocks.

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Re: Formatting text on Homepage

try shift enter instead of just enter... i think it is an html thing.

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How to import own HTML document????



I would like to send out my own html document with CC but cannot see any option... Can anybody guide me?

Regards from Spain

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Re: How to import own HTML document????




You can create your own custom HTML email by following these steps:


  1. Enter an email name within the Email Name text box and click Next
  2. If prompted to select a wizard, do so and click Next to display the "Template Selection" page.
  3. Click the "Use My Own Code" link at the bottom of the Template Categories section.
  4. Select the HTML or XHTML format and click Next. The Custom Wizard displays.

    Important: This is an advanced topic and requires previous HTML and XHTML knowledge.
  5. Complete your message settings by filling in the Message Header, Personalization, and Footer sections.
  6. Click the "Advanced Editor" link on the left side of the Wizard to add your code.

    • If you choose the HTML custom template, complete the HTML and Text tabs.
    • If you choose the XHTML custom template, complete the HTML, Text, and Style tabs.
  7. When you are done, click Save & Return.

I hope this helps,


If you find my post helpful, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"

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Registered: ‎09-21-2011

Re: Link to external style sheet

What was the answer?  Do you have to put all of your styles inline in the body of the html or can you actually link to the sytlesheet you use on your website? Thank you.

Honored Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-18-2010

Re: Link to external style sheet

Hi Cedro,


There are many ways to insert styles into your email.  Most of them are outlined here,  However sometimes there could be conflicting issues where you could be using the same ID or class as a web email client.  Therefor the best practice is to use inline styles.  That way there is no chance of conflicting styles.


I hope that helped! We're not trained in html. If you have any questions, please give Support a call at 1-866-289-2101.

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RE: Creating a custom email template from existing HTML and using Constant Contact tags

I'd like to create a custom email template from an existing XHTML source (which I've already done, no problem), and then modify it to use Constant Contact tags.


Alternatively, I could use an existing template and modify its source code, including Constant Contact tags, although that seems like more work than the first approach.


I've been trying to figure out how to look at the source code for an existing template, so I can pattern my own after it, but I haven't been able to figure out how to view the source code for an existing template.  Is that somehow considered a no-no?


I've found the Advanced Editor User's Guide, where there's some discussion of Constant Contact tags, but precious little in that about how to use those tags, except at a very low level, and no complete tag description.  For example, the <ForEach> tag is mentioned, but the closest the document comes in documenting what it does and why/when you might want to use it is buried in some text, and says; "In the following example, the paragraph is within a <ForEach> loop (which allows you to add additional paragraphs in the Wizard)."


Could someone tell me where to go to find out how to do these things, and where to get more detailed tag information?


Thanks in anticipation...

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Re: RE: Creating a custom email template from existing HTML and using Constant Contact tags

Hey Dona,


Currently there is no way to view the existing code into an email template as they are programmed with proprietary software and  are created internally.  We have no way as of yet to have you create your very own theme from scratch.  This is a great feature request and I will pass it on to the engineers. 


Now you can definitely customize your templates by editing the style-sheet and adding HTML to the blocks themselves.  Once you customize it the way you would like you can make a copy of the email and use that as your own template. 

Now if you want to use your own X / HTML you can create these from scratch, however anyone who edits the email will need to know HTML.  The Advanced editors guide shows you how to use our custom XHTML in the XHTML emails but it wont allow you to create dynamic data like it sounds like you are doing. 

Please let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer