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Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process

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Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process

So after receiving complaints from a random set of clients that they can't register for our event, I contact Constant Contact support.


The error message is: We're sorry but we've experienced an error processing your request. Please contact the Event Organizer.


Support tell me that its a feature which produces the error whenever the registrant enters a different name than what is in the Contacts Tab.


This creates two problems which I don't think Constant Contact have properly thought out:


1. If the registrant makes a simple typo, as we all do from time to time, they will be unable to register. If a registrant is saved as a contact as 'David' but tries to register as 'Dave' or even 'D', then they have the same problem.


2. The error message does not provide any useful info to the registrant, nor does it indicate what the problem really is.


We're going to phase out Eventspot for future campaigns. The problem when you have these types of ill thought out processes, is that it can seriously impact your attendance rates as the majority of invitees wouldn't even bother to attempt re-registering.

CTCT Employee

Re: Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process

Hi there, 


Thanks for the feedback!  We are looking at this issue as we speak.  There is an issue we are seeing, but it may not be the one that customer support referenced.  If you wouldnt mind, could we connect so I can have one of our event developers pinpoint the problem?


Thank you!  


Jim Mariano

Product Manager - EventSpot

jmariano @





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Re: Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process

I'm happy to connect with you, but I don't know what the point is. The issue is known, and has been for months. It affects many users and you haven't been able to resolve it.


A simple Google search brings up many complaints of the exact same problem. For example:


I'm really unhappy about this. We have had three complaints from invitees who have been unable to register (agreed it was resolved when we registered them ourselves manually with the correct presentaton of their names), but I wonder how many have failed in the registration and have just given up altogether.


This is clearly unnacceptable.


CTCT Employee

Re: Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process



Shoot me an email and lets talk!  Over the past few years we've added so many new features and updated our Contact Mgmt tool, so you're right, there may have been intermittent problems with registration.  What I can promise you is that is isnt simply one problem that we've decided to ignore for years.  The symptom you see "We're sorry but we've experienced an error processing your request. Please contact the Event Organizer" is the same, but the issue that causes this could be many things.  


So, either way, we want this to work for you and all our users, so we are on it!    I wanted to publicly note that we would never have an issue that causes people to be unable to register for event just exist for years.  We just flat out wouldn't do that.  Issues with registrations and payments are our #1 priority.  They are indentified by customer support, sent to us, and we get on them ASAP.  So again, we'll get on this.  I already had a developer examine your event and we are already in motion on this.


Thanks!  Shoot me a private email and lets get this fixed.



CTCT Employee

Update to Registration defect

Hi everyone, 


I wanted to give you all an update on this problem you have been experiencing.  Because of this community post, I had a user reach out to me with a live example of the problem and we were able to re-create it and we will be working on a fix!  So, a big thank you again to the people who read and post to this community site.  


I will share another update when the issue is fixed, but we are working on it with our Contact Mgmt team now. 




Jim Mariano

Product Manager - Events & Donations

Constant Contact


Re: Update to Registration defect

Has this problem been resolved. We have experienced this same problem with some of our registrants
CTCT Employee

Re: Absolutely STUPID Eventspot Registration Process

Hi AmyJ, 


Yes, we had our developers address many/all of our Contacts related issues in July.  These issues should be resolved and we haven't seen any instances or reports of this happening to users, so if you think it is still happening please let me know!  Our EventSpot tool is at an all time low for bugs / defects, so please report anything you see and we'll prioritize and get on it!


Thank you again, 


Jim Mariano

Product Manager - Constant Contact