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E-mailing non-responders

Occasional Advisor

E-mailing non-responders

I want to send a reminder e-mail to non-responders. I spent a lot time customizing the original e-mail, so I just want to copy the original, tweak it a little, then send it to non-responders only. When I click on the link to e-mail non-responders, my only option appears to be creating a new e-mail from a template.

Any ideas on how to e-mail only non-responders with a copied e-mail?
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Re-inviting non-responders

I want to be able to send an existing event invitation to only non-responders very quickly. Click non-responders, click invitation, schedule--inside 30-second affair.


Alternately, I would like to create one invitation and schedule it to be sent every x days to all non-responders until they register or decline. How do we get this most basic of event management tasks implemented? Anybody else sick of recreating the wheel every time they send an invitation?

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Re: Re-inviting non-responders

Hi amt2008 and PatS12,


I just spoke to our Event Marketing Team about this.  The ability to copy/re-send to non-responders is something that is very high on our list and it is planned.  We do not have a date but I will forward on to them that you are both interested in this feature as well.


PatS12, I have not heard of a feature where you can create one invitation and have it go out over a scheduled period of time to a list.  I will submit that request as well.

Keep the ideas and feedback coming! That is how we can enhance our product for you!


Thank you!


Re: Re-inviting non-responders



YOUR RESEND TO NON RESPONDERS FEATURE IS USELESS without the simple ability to copy an email. I am further flabbergasted by the fact that it pulls information from the first email for the event. Which in my case was a save the date notice that had little or no detail.  SO I HAVE TO GO BACK AND REBUILD THE ENTIRE EMAIL EVERY TIME I WANT TO RESEND THIS.!  And I took a LOT of time with custom graphics, precisely worded text, custom URLs for information.  You people obviously don't use your own product. One test of the feature and you would had KNOWN what to do.  I hope you have a good list export feature. I inherited this list and service and I'm looking for  a service that is serious about providing services for professionals, not hobbyists you got to sign up with radio ads. Yes, I'm mad as hell I just missed my son's school band concert because i have to stay here an rebuild an email because CC is too stupid to even think that someone would want to do that.  And another thing. Your process for turning on or off the registration process that allows you to show or not show the event page.? GUESS WHAT I WANT TO DO BOTH and you won't let me do that either. Why? You didn't consider that we want the people who have been to the event before to be able to quickly register AND we want to create a path to help newcomers understand the event. BOTH OPTIONS. Flexibility.  It just takes a little thought and a bit of code. Your tech was nice enough to help with a workaround  but it's only marginally acceptable . Even your spell check sucks. it wouldn't let me scroll down in this box to see where the word is in the paragraph.  Have you upadated any of this since 1998?



CTCT Employee

Re: Re-inviting non-responders

Hi Scott and others on this thread!


My name is Jim Mariano, I am the Product Manager for EventSpot.  I wanted to let you know we are currently in development for fixing the horrendous pains caused by copying.  I had mentioned this issue in a recent blog post and in our "Whats New" button, which you can view here: or in the EventSpot tool, but "copying" is our #1 priority and will be fixed in the very near future (a couple of weeks).


phase 1) When you copy an event, all your emails (invites, non-responders, etc) will copy over.

phase 2) You wont have to re-create each email within an event.  You'll be able to edit/resend event invites.  


I'll save you the gory details, but we know this was a HUGE pain for our users, and it was not an easy fix, but we are currently in development, and will be releasing phase one in the next few weeks, followed immediately by phase two.  


Thank you all for the patience, we definitely recognize that this is enormously painful and is long over due, but it is weeks away and we really appreciate your business/patience, so thank you again!




Re: Re-inviting non-responders



If I had known about copying I probably would have been only midly disatistfied when sending the Non Responders email out (instead of starting from scratch.)  IF I HAD copied the event and sent  the NON Responders an email, would their open/click/register data be applied to the orignial event? or would I then have to track 2 events and add my stats together myself? I hope not, because I'll be sending out the 'save the date', an invitation and 3 remiders. That event already has 6 emails under it. That get's way to cumberson! On the other hand if it does track stats back to the original event,  then I offer you KUDOS!


One of the other features lacking (or not obvious) is a way to delete emails under an event. I currently have 3 emails that were set up incorrectly and never used.. Yet I can't delete them from the list which makes it dicult to find the real ones.


Lack of control over an email that has been sent is a problem too. For instance, I have an email ready to go to four lists. Only 3 lists are ready, so we attach the tree and send the email. I CAN'T GO BACK TO THAT EMAIL EVEN 5 MINUTES LATER TO ATTCH THE FOURTH LIST. Frankly it's annoying to have to copy the email and go through the whole build process (CLICK ok,ok, ) just to send the same email but to a new list.


Through this entire production and emailing process I am remineded of how wonderful it was when I had my own Lyris server and how I don't recall having issues like this at another Email Service Firm.   I get the distinct impression that the event mangement portion of your service is/was a separate add-on the sits alongside your email system. While it's essential to have these features, they seem poorly integrated at best. Thanks for your help. I know you're all trying.



Occasional Visitor

Re: Re-inviting non-responders

Jim - thanks for the input! Hopefully one of the 'resend' options will be to only resend to non-responders.

Occasional Participant

Re: Re-inviting non-responders

Hey, Constant Contact team,


How are your progressing on this issue. As fo today I still need to compose a new email for non-responders and if I copy the initial email It cannot be sent to non-repsonders. Copying en event isn't a great solution as all the email drafts need to be re-edited.


My preference is to have theability to assing any email built fromscratch, copied, etc. to non-responders. If the email is linked to an event it shoudn't be all that hard to find out whom have not responded?


In our association we know we have to send emails to non-responsders up front. We also plan our events months ahead of time. it would be great to be able to have the team pre-create the invitations ahead of time when at the same time the event is built in CC and then just have to go back and schedule the emails.


I would appreciate an update.

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Re: Re-inviting non-responders



We do understand that this is a much needed feature for our customers, and we are working on it currently.   We have deployed phase 1 that Jim talked about in a previous post, and are testing phase 2.  I do not have a firm date on when it will be released though.    






Occasional Participant

Re: Re-inviting non-responders

Has this ever been addressed????????!!!!!  I even tried the cumbersome "copy event" called phase 1 and it does NOT carry over my nonresponders!!  Seriously folks, how can this obvious flaw not be corrected or at lease made more obvious if it does function.....

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