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Event Marketing Trial - What is the point?

I am preparing for an event and decided to try the event marketing feature.  Already finding it discouraging.  


1) Why do I need to sign-up for a monthly service if I'm only hosting this one event?  I realize I can cancel at any time but I am sure I will get stuck paying for 2 months in the end, sense the event is the first part of the month.


2) What is the purpose of the free trial if all the features are not functional?  Why would I have ten people register for an event and not be able to pay for it on-line because I'm on a trial basis?  This doesn't make sense.


Can those of you who have used this service please share your experience?  Is it worth the trouble to set-up or would I be better off using another service that charge by event.

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Re: Event Marketing Trial - What is the point?

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Hi Tracy,


In regards to your questions:


1 - If you purchase EVM during the middle of your billing cycle, that amount will be prorated. Keep in mind that you can cancel the Event product whenever you choose.


2- The trial is to get you comfortable with the product and the editor to see if it's something that you would like to purchase.


We charge you by your Event and do not charge you based on the number of registrants you have. I'll be sure to submit your feedback to our Event Marketing department.




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