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Eventspot - Guests vs. Nonresponders

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Eventspot - Guests vs. Nonresponders


We are currently collecting registrations for an event. Going through our lists, we note that some people who are registered are appearing on the non-response list. This is because the individual was sent an e-invitation to their email address, but was then registered as a guest under someone else.


Is there any way to note that someone is registered by their NAME AND EMAIL rather than just EMAIL address so that I could avoid sending them reminders as non-responders when they know they are already registered? Or is there a way I can move them to the registered list without them receiving a confirmation which may cause confusion if they know they've already been registered? 


Any advice appreciated. Thanks







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Re: Eventspot - Guests vs. Nonresponders

Hello @CIPCO


The automatic lists that are created cannot be edited in any way.  The only way that the system can recognize someone as registered is if they are the main registrant (i.e the first person to sign up and not a guest).  A workaround to this would be to create a manual list of non-responders, so that you can take out anyone who might be registered as a guest, and send a regular invitation to that list of contacts.