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Lack of Secure Credit Card Payment Options

We have a lot of government (Fed, State, and Local) as well as businesses that cannot register for our events because their credit cards cannot be processed using PayPal or Google Checkout. We are a small non-profit organization that does not have the staff or time to invoice all our registrants or enter their CC info manually into our own CC processing system. After two years of trying to make Constand Contact Events work for us - we have decided to go with another system that will process credit cards securily without PayPal or Google.


If Constant Contact ever fixes this BIG problem, we might consider using their services again.




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Re: Lack of Secure Credit Card Payment Options

Hi Kristyn,

I'm sorry that you're not going to be able to continue using our Event Marketing product due to this limitation.I just pulled up our system for feedback and it looks like we're in the process of getting other systems to collect payments so that people don't have to use PayPal or Google CheckOut.  I do not have a date for when this will be available, but please know that we are working on it.  I am not sure if any of the systems would be more secure than PayPal and Google Checkouts, but I will double check on that and if I receive any futher information that is helpful to you, I will post it.


Thank you!

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Re: Lack of Secure Credit Card Payment Options

I'd like to chime in and request other options for transactions as well OTHER than Paypal and Goole. They're fine as far as they go, but there should be an option for using any merchant account a client chooses. By offering only Paypal and Google, you're shutting out every organization that uses other options.

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Re: Lack of Secure Credit Card Payment Options

Hi everyone, 


My name is Jim Mariano, Im the Product Manager for the Event Marketing product.  I wanted to let you all know we are currently developing new (secure) payment options for Event Marketing.  One of the joys of being a public company is that I can't give too many specifics, but you will have credit card processing options beyond paypal/google checkout!  Look for this feature in the summer months.  Constant Contact has dedicated a good group of people to building and improving our event marketing tool, so look for all kinds of new features and improvements coming from us!


Thank you for using us or trying us out!  This product is still in its infancy but I can promise you we are working our tails off to make this thing work well for you!





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Re: Lack of Secure Credit Card Payment Options

Thanks Jim for the update! Looking forward to seeing it and am holding dumping ConstantContact until Fall 2012.!


But to add more to your plate, one more detail to improve Paypal option which works fine most of the time.


Please recode to send paypal address of event attendee if provided. That gives us seller protection with Paypal.


Just had a $125 event fee reversal because ConstantContact does not send address and that negates Paypal's obligation to try and dispute charges.


Here is actual Paypal policy:smileysad:customer name xxx xxx removed, he mistakenly disputed charge and is trying to fix it on his credit card end).


Protection for items not received

Transactions without a shipping address aren't eligible for seller protection. We recommend that you contact xxx xxx to make sure this payment was authorized. For more information, see our tips to sell securely.