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Paypal issues with requirement to join Paypal to pay for an event by credit card.

I've set up Paypal and included that payment option for my event.  When I test the register button in my invitation and choose pay by  Paypal or credit card option, the only option I get is sign up with my Paypal account or enter credit card information and supply a password to join Paypal.  I don't want my registrants to have to sign up for Paypal to pay with their credit card.   I worked with Paypal to set the option setting so I know it is not a Paypal issue.   Has anyone had this problem?  I've spent a great deal of time tweaking and retesting and I am getting very frustrated.

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Re: Paypal issues with requirement to join Paypal to pay for an event by credit card.

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Hi Marylin,


Your registrants do not need to log into PayPal to pay for your event.


When registrants select "Pay by credit card", they go to PayPal to make their payment. When they arrive at the PayPal screen, the left side of the screen allows them to enter their billing information, and  then click Review Order and Continue.
The right side of the screen gives them an option to log into PayPal, if they have an account.


If you are paying with a credit card associated with another PayPal account, you will be required to log into that account to complete the transaction. Otherwise, you will need to pay with another credit card not already associated with an existing account.  If registrants are being forced to sign up for a PayPal account, you should check to see if PayPal Optional is turned off. If PayPal Account Optional is turned off, people without PayPal accounts must sign up of a PayPal account. They can pay by credit card, but they must agree to sign up for a PayPal account before completing their transactions and making their payments.


A registrant may also be asked to sign into PayPal if the registrant has logged into Paypal previously from the same browser. If the event has a fee then they can either log in and use the Paypal account, or click the link "Don't have a Paypal account?" and use their credit card. Also, depending on the country, some only allow for a Paypal account to be used.


I hope this helps,



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