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Recurring events

Hi there and Happy New Year.  I am new to Constant Contact and will be using it to build event registrations for a golfing group.  We have league play that will start up in May and each of our 3 leagues has two 6 week sessions, weekly on different days.  From what I can see so far it looks like I will need to build a new event for each date for each league.  While the copy function works great, it is still pretty labor intensive to do this.  Is there a way to have a recurring event?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Re: Recurring events

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Re: Recurring events

Hi Patty,


Recurring events is not part of the product just yet, but we are constantly updating the Event Marketing product and I will pass this on.




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Re: Recurring events

Yes. I wish there was a reoccurring events option too!

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Re: Recurring events

Yes, me too!

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Re: Recurring events

Are recurring events possible yet with Contstant Contact EventSpot?  I am in a trial period now but won't be staying if it's not.  Thanks. 

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Re: Recurring events

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To use an event again you would still need to make a copy of the event. We've made great improvements to copying in order to make this process easier. We allow you to pick what emails you would like to copy over and we plug placeholders into your event related emails so that the old information populates with the new instead.


Thanks for posting, I am happy to add your feedback to this topic.

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Re: Recurring events

Seriously? No support for recurring events? I was hoping to use EventSpot to replace my RegOnline for an every other week course we hold, and I assumed this would be an option (RegOnline has worthless smartphone support for account management, and their new interface is actually worse then the original). I am a big fan of my Constant Contact email marketing campaign functionality, but the lack of support for recurring events with EventSpot is a total deal breaker for me.



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Re: Recurring events

HI Brandon and others,


You're correct that we don't currently offer recurring event options, however our copy functionality makes it REALLY easy to create multiple events.  We literally copy everything other than date specific fields, which should save you a ton of time. 


Recurring events is (and has been) on our radar for some time, but we arent quite ready to offer it yet.  In case anyone reading this thread isnt up to speed, we have recently made copying events very simple.  This year we've enhanced the following:


1) when you copy an event, we allow you to copy any associated event emails you've already created.

2) while managing an event, you can now edit/resend any event emails.  So you can create an invitation once, then reuse that invite when you need to do follow-ups or another round of invitations. 


So essentially everything (other than date specific fields like early/late fee, event date, etc) can be copied easily.  Its not exactly recurring events, but I hope it saves you some time and works well.  We are very mindful of feedback, so please keep it coming, we are trying to create an awesome, easy-to-use tool and we appreciate your input.




Jim Mariano & The EventSpot Developement Team

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Re: Recurring events



Thanks for the information. I echo the desire of the others. Copying the event does no good for the attendee. There's no way I will ask my attendee to register 8 separate times for an 8-week session-especially since CC doesn't remember their information and they have to type it in each time. I am going to check out other products to determine a better way to handle recurring events until The EventSpot Development Team can implement this type of needed upgraded.