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Types of EventSpot Emails


Types of EventSpot Emails

There are three types of emails associated with an event. All three can be created and found under the “Invitation” area of your event details.


Event Invitations

Invite people from your contact list to attend your event. Use one of Constant Contact theme’s to design this invite or create a custom theme with your own colors. All of the details of your event, like the location and date will be automatically populated into the invitation. Use the “Insert Event Details” option to add in a map of the location, driving directions or even a calendar option!


Email to Registrants

Make sure people remember to attend your event, send them a reminder! Include the date, time and location as a reminder. Make sure to answer of their last minute questions in this email.


After the event use this email to follow up with those who attended. Are you interested in their feedback? Create an online survey and include a link in your follow-up email.


Email to Non-responders

Remind people to register before time runs out.  When you send an email to the non-responders it will automatically pull a list of contacts that you originally sent to who have no replied. This includes those who have registered and those who have declined. Encourage these contacts to attend by pointing out what they can expect or what they will miss!

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Re: Types of EventSpot Emails


I am setting up events that will repeat throughout the year. I would like to have all my email updates and reminders to registrants scheduled and ready to go. It looks like I can not create an update email until I have at least one registrant. That is not efficient use of time!! I had thought that I could line up all email invitiations/ updates/thank you at one time,. I understand I would have to tweak each events placecards with specific dates. 


Any suggestions?

CTCT Employee

Re: Types of EventSpot Emails

Hi Judy.


You are correct that you can't currently create an email to registrants or to non-responders before that category exists on your event. I have suggested this update to our developers on your behalf. We have recently updated EventSpot so that you can copy event invitations when you copy an event, which is a change that happend because of requests from our users. 


I think this suggestion is actually a really good one, and our EventSpot developers rely on feedback like this to make EventSpot even better. Thank you.

Jeff Gilson
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Re: Types of EventSpot Emails

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately that makes Eventspot more labor intensive than my old system of taking an old email, changing the dates and then scheduling it weeks ahead of time. 

If the CC programmers can't create software that allows us to produce update (not invitation) emails for events prior to having a registrant than perhaps this solution would work: allow us to create an email in email marketing and then when one person registers for an event we can then transfer that email to the specific Eventspot event and schedule delivery.


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Re: Types of EventSpot Emails

Thank you for your feedback, Judy. I have passed it on to our developers. Definitely keep the feedback coming, this is how we know what features to release for you!

Regular Visitor

Re: Types of EventSpot Emails

Can I change the type of an existing Eventspot email from invitation to "to registrants"?  I mistakenly created an email as an invitation and now my event is closed and I can't send out the email as a follow-up.   

Honored Contributor

Re: Types of EventSpot Emails

Hey Trevor!


You sure can!  When you are in the Emails for your Event, on the top right, you'll see an option "Send email only to: Registrants". Click that.


only to registrants.JPG



On the next screen, you can click on the radio button to choose the invitation you created to send it instead to your registrants.


radio button.JPG


I hope that helps!