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url work around?

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url work around?

Here's my #1 challenge with using Event Spot: the crazy long url for my event pages. I smail mail postcards and need to point invitees to my event page. The url is impossibly long!

Any cretaive ways to get around this?

I may move to just for this reason alone which I really don't want to do.



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Re: url work around?

Hello @DawnJ80


There are a couple of things that you can do to shorten the URL that is given for your event.  If you are on the Event Dashboard you can scroll down to the Promote your event section and click Simple Share.  This will open a window with posts to place on your social sites (if you do not have one connected you will need to connect at least one account to see this) with a shortened url that starts with  This link can be distributed in your marketing materials for your event.  



If you wish to create a vanity url, where you specify the text in the link there are sites that can help you, like tinyurl for example (please note this is not a Constant Contact site).


Here are a couple of other ideas as well outside of creating a link: 

  • Make a QR code from the link so that users can scan the code with their phone and then be taken to your event. 
  • Ask users to email in requests and set up an email inbox with an Auto-reply to have the link & more information about your event. 

I hope that this information helps, let us know if you have any other questions.