Q&A from our "How to Encourage Customer Loyalty For Your Small Business" Webinar


Customer loyalty is more important now than ever. In today’s world, your competitors are just a click away, so it’s important to keep customers happy. You want to exceed their expectations and provide a great experience in person and online. So how do you create lasting customer relationships?


In this free one hour webinar, you’ll learn how to encourage customer loyalty by:

  • Showing your appreciation
  • Encouraging your customers to provide feedback and spread the word
  • Using social media to get them involved with your business

Here you'll find the questions asked by our attendees during the webinar. Want to view the recorded webinar? Click here to register and gain access!


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Q: Any suggestions for social media interactions for a manufacturing company that sells parts and projects varying from $5.00-1 million dollars?

A: What are the things your customers care about? Try to start conversations around those topics.


Q: How can we modify a "sales" concept for home care services?

A: Instead of a sale, think about how you can add additional value to your customers.


Q: How can I engage people to give reviews and feedback in the nonprofit field?

A: That's a great question! It's a best practice and always a good idea to follow up with a thank you after someone has volunteered, donated, or attended an event. This is also a great time to ask for feedback.


Q: What is a good amount of emails to send out weekly to potential and existing clients?

A: This is always a popular question and actually it depends! You'll want to consider the nature of your business, and the makeup of your audience and their expectations. If you've decided to set up an email for daily tips, you should send every day as that's what your contacts signed up for. But in general terms you should think about sending at least one email campaign every month so your business isn't forgotten by your contacts.


Q: Is it better to let customers share the email with friends or connect with us in social media?

A: Ideally, you'd like people to connect with you in both places.


Q: What if our primary demographic doesn't use social media? They are 40+ years old and email is as technologically advanced as they get.

A: That's great to consider your demographic's abilities. We recommend continuing to communicate through email. You may also consider surveying your contacts to see if they happen to use any social media platforms. You may be surprised by how many actually do!


Q: Any other ideas on how to increase response rate? Offer some type of incentive such as drawing for gift card or other?

A: You can offer an incentive to respond. You can't offer the incentive to leave a good review but rather encourage your clients to respond how they see fit. This is better for your business in the long run as people often see through false reviews.


Q: How do we bring in more foot traffic into our store?

A: Special events and giveaways are a good way to do this.


Q: How do you build a customer loyalty program?

Here are some tips for loyalty programs:


Q: Do you suggest the same approach for the European market? Do you have knowledge about the cultural differences? (e.g. response of customers to receiving automated e-mails...)

We have some great blog articles specific to email marketing and the UK.


My Account


Q: I'm in charge of Constant Contact, but I didn't purchase it for my company. Is there a way I can find out what Constant Contact features are available to me with the package my boss has?

A: You can find the available features under the Plans & Pricing for your account


Q: It would be nice to be able to try out a free, complimentary trial of the Email Plus Constant Contact service. Would Constant Contact consider this?

A: Here is a link to try out a free 60-day trial of our products.





Q: How do you get the social media buttons on your email campaign?

A: Here is an article from our Knowledge Base that will show you how to insert social media icons into your email.


Q: I assume that having the ability to post the email on social media is in the Email Plus package as well?

A: This is available in all packages!


Q: That's not what my editor looks like. Is it because I don't have Email Plus yet?

A: You may need to be upgraded to our third-generation editor. Please call our Support team at the phone numbers and hours listed here and they will be able to assist you.


Q: What are your thoughts on sending an "electronic handwritten note" since these days people are hesitant to provide personal information no matter the business-client relationship?

A: You'll definitely want to show gratitude to your existing contacts even if the only personal information you have is an email address. You can even engage contacts with personalized content (if you happen to have any) and segment lists! Here is a great article that provides some tips on how to create more personalized emails in Constant Contact.


Q: Is the headcount RSVP feature separate from the full blown event suite from Constant Contact?

A: Yes it is! While the RSVP Block gives you the ability to get a simple headcount, an Event campaign helps you customize registration forms, track attendance, manage registrants, sell items or tickets, send event reminders, and much more.


Q: How do I utilize a button?

A: Buttons are a great addition to your emails to easily engage with your contacts. Here is a link to an article from our Knowledge Base about how to include them in your campaigns.


Q: Does Constant Contact have the option for an Opentable icon to be added?

A: We currently don't have that option, but you can easily add an image with a link.


Q: Any options in Constant Contact for Instagram?

A: Instagram is an option when inserting social media buttons in your email so your contacts can visit your Instagram page but our Social Share feature only connects with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages at this time.




Q: These emails seem to be focused on B2C businesses. Which emails work for B2B communications (consulting)?

A: The same types of email will work for B2B. You can say thanks, Happy Birthday/Anniversary, or set up a series of emails to help a client make the best use of a service you provide. You may just not do something like a promotion or a discount. Here are more details about using automated emails.


Q: Is there somewhere I can find the past webinar about automation that you mentioned?

A: Sure! Here is that link.


Q: Where can I go to learn how to set up an automated email to generate when an online sale is made? Is this a premium service with Constant Contact?

A: Our Autoresponder feature is available through our Email Plus package. Here is some information on automated emails.





Q: Suggestions on how to create a separate identity (using separate [email] marketing) for our storefront from the parent nonprofit?

A: You can create targeted email lists using Segmentation. Segmenting is a marketing best practice when targeting different audiences



Social Share


Q: Are there size specifications for the social media image?

A: That's a great question because high quality images increase engagement! Each social network has its own dimension requirements to make your visuals look their best. Here is a helpful guide.


Q: Why can't you share to LinkedIn for automated posts?

A: Although you can't share to business LinkedIn pages using our Social Share feature, you can schedule posts for your personal LinkedIn page. Here is how to connect your social media pages to Social Share.


Q: Is sharing your email on Facebook different than the Social Share option that comes up after sending out an email?

They are different. One allows you to share the email on your social media pages. The other allows your contacts to share on their pages.





Q: How do you capture customers' birthdays?

A: Our sign-up forms make it easy for new contacts to provide you with their birthday. Click here to see how to add this field to your sign-up form.





Q: What are the best ways to get people to actually open an email?

A: We have a great article that provides some tips about improving your open rate. Find out more here.


Q: How do I navigate to the social media engagement on Constant Contact?

A: If you used Social Share to promote your email on your social media pages, you can check your results on the details page where your other email stats are located. Here is an article that explains how to find this reporting.





Q: How do I set up a survey?

A: Here is a link to our Knowledge Base article about creating a survey in Constant Contact.


Q: How do you get people to complete your survey?

A: Communicate through email. You may also consider surveying your contacts to see if they use any social media platforms. You may be surprised by how many actually do!


Q: How is your survey different from Survey Monkey?

A: While we cannot speak for other survey providers, we do have an informative tutorial on how to use our survey product to better engage and understand your customers.





Q: Is Constant Contact based out of Colorado?

We are based out of Waltham, Massachusetts but we do have an office in Loveland, Colorado as well!


Q: Will this webinar be available for review later?

You can view the pre-recorded webinar by clicking here and registering.





Q: Facebook has recently changed its algorithms to block URLs. How do we know which ones will be blocked?

Facebook blocks URLs for websites it views as malicious. You will typically receive a message about removing the link in order to share the update. If you're instead referring to how Facebook disabled the ability to change the details of link previews when you share them, here is more specific information on that (Note: Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact)


Q: Do I call customer service to help me with my page? We are new and started last week and we are so busy and haven't been able to set-up and complete the first campaign.

A: Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with using your Constant Contact account! Here is their contact information.

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