Q&A from our "How to Keep Customers Longer (And Maximize Lifetime Value)" Webinar


You likely already know how important it is to focus on your existing customers to increase your profits. And even as you work hard to nurture your ideal customers there are others that are leaving your business. But what if you could decrease those leaving and increase the value they bring to your business?


It starts with understanding why customers leave in the first place and how the right communications strategy allows you to keep them longer.


That’s why, during this free, one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is churn? And how to calculate your churn rate
  • How to understand why your customers are leaving
  • How to keep customers longer



How do I engage with people who have unsubscribed from my emails? I sometimes see them in person.

If you have a good relationship, it can be helpful to get the reason to better understand why they do not want to receive emails from you. You can view unsubscribed feedback if it is turned on in your account and take necessary action to prevent future unsubscribes from happening.


Can I upload my own video into an email?

While we cannot support video files in the library at this time, if it is hosted through YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, you can include a preview of your video. See our Knowledge Base for more information on inserting a video into your email.


I see people have clicked on links in my emails. Where can I see more information?

The click report is available under the Reporting tab. Understanding clicks is a great way to find out more about what your contacts are interested in.


If your business is focused on recruiting memberships or subscriptions, how can you identify " at risk subscribers"?

Start by thinking about when a churn or dropoff occurs for you. This will be after they don't renew their subscription (or potentially when their credit card expires if it's an automated system). At-risk would be at some point before that. In terms of email marketing, you can use the Segments tool to find these people who haven't interacted in a certain period of time. Here's some more info on that.


What are some incentives to have potential new contacts sign up for my mailing list?

People typically subscribe for three main reasons: to receive exclusive information, promotions and discounts, and to show their support for your business or organization. It depends on your business, but a discount or coupon is usually a sure bet. You can insert a trackable coupon into the welcome email! You can also them a guide or some other downloadable resource if you offer a service or don't have the resources to offer a discount.

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