Q&A from our "Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas" Webinar


The holidays are right around the corner. If you still don’t have a marketing plan, don’t worry. We have some last-minute holiday marketing ideas to help you drive more business to capture those crucial end-of-year sales. 


We recently hosted a webinar where we discussed how you can use these last few weeks before the holiday season to drive business and get sales. A few highlights from the webinar included:


  • How to reach new customers with social and Google Search Ads
  • Engaging with social media followers
  • Using email to communicate your offer and stay top-of-mind


In this post, you can read some of the questions asked by our attendees. Interested in our free, future webinars? Sign up here to stay informed!


Resources mentioned during webinar:

Holiday Planning Worksheet

Holiday Marketing 101

700+ Power Words to use in your marketing (please note that this is link to a third-party site. Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact.)



Social Posting and Monitoring


What scheduling or monitoring tools for social media are there in Constant Contact? Is there a charge for these?

Engaging with your current or future contacts has never been easier with our social tools! You can share your email on social media, create a lead ad to grow your list through Facebook or Instagram, or do social posting on Facebook and Instagram. For an advertisement such as a lead ad or promoting a product, yes, there is a charge. But for general posting to your followers or sharing your email, there is no additional charge as these tools are already included in your account.


What is the benefit of creating a Facebook, Instagram or Google Ad through Constant Contact?

Constant Contact offers so many tools right in your account, being able to manage your social advertisements and check reporting right from the same window as everything else can be a major help! 


Is utilizing Google Ads free? If not, how does the promoting of ads work?

It is free to create a Google Ad in your Constant Contact account, but you will still have to pay in order to run the ad. Payment is done through Google. 



Is there an ability to include a poll in an email?

The Poll action block is available under our Email Plus package and it’s a great way to quickly gauge interest from your contacts or get feedback. You can also view reporting for the poll to determine your next best steps. 


How do I add a video to my email? Can I upload a video file instead?

We don't allow video file uploads but we do allow video links to be included from Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia. If you insert the link using the Video block, contacts can be taken to the requested video link to watch it. 


Can I edit the photos in my library or do I need another software to do so?

We have a photo editor already included in your account and you can edit photos this way. This is great for basic editing such as cropping, adding text, and making some light coloring adjustments.



Marketing Advice


What are some good ways for non-profits to gain contacts over the holidays?

We have a lot of list growth tools available in your account, both already included and for an additional fee. Also, we have a special free guide for nonprofits called The Download which is full of ideas to be found online and how to engage with your new (and current) contacts.


Is there a charge for using your Marketing Advisor services?

Our Marketing Advisor program is an additional paid service with a personal marketing advisor who will get to know you and your business. Together, you can create an actionable marketing plan to work towards your goals. 

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