Migration from Website Builder to Web.com (Website Builder integration retirement)

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If you previously created a website with the Website Builder Integration, you should have received an email notification regarding changes to sites created with the integration. We encourage you to review our article on this transition, which is also available via the email notification and through the "Help" tab in your account.


This post will highlight some of the most important elements of this transition. We will be archiving previous topics about the Website Builder integration, to make sure you are landing on the most important information.


As of September 24th, we will be transferring the login and service of your site directly to Web.com, in order to ensure you have access to the functionality and service you’ve come to expect. None of the functionality of your website is changing, but instead of logging into your Constant Contact account to access and edit your website, you will access it via Web.com. Please take the following steps to set up your new Web.com login by September 30th:

  1. Visit web.com/ws.
  2. Enter the email address of the Constant Contact account owner.
  3. Click Reset Password.
    Important: You are being brought through the forgot/reset password flow for the purpose of setting up a new password for your Web.com account. The password you set up will be used strictly for your Web.com login and will not update your Constant Contact account password.
  4. We also suggest bookmarking Web.com for continued access.

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Transition of Shoppable Landing Pages


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Shoppable Landing Pages include check-out features powered by Web.com’s online stores. Starting October 1st, 2023, these pages will no longer be functional. We have outlined some steps below you can take if you are using Shoppable Landing Pages. 

  1. To continue selling your products, you can create a website within your Constant Contact account by September 24th and add store products to the website.
  2. Make sure to update any links that point to your shoppable landing page and redirect them to your new website.
  3. As of September 24th, you will be able to create a login with Web.com to continue to access and edit your site. Set up your Web.com login prior to September 30th to ensure uninterrupted access.

Please note that you can wait to create a website and add your store products to it within Web.com, after you've set up your login.


Who is Web.com?

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Web.com is a leader in web technology and a trusted Constant Contact partner. Click here to learn more Web.com.


Will there be any changes to my billing?


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As of September 24th, 2023, your website will no longer be a Constant Contact product. Billing will be transferred to Web.com as of this date. If you have prepaid for Website Builder, you will be given the appropriate refund.


If you pay for a Constant Contact Email & Digital Marketing plan in addition to your website, you will continue to be billed by Constant Contact for that plan. If you are not currently billed by Constant Contact, you will not see any changes to your billing.

If you're unsure of how your Website Builder billing is being handled in relation to your Constant Contact Email & Digital Marketing account, we recommend speaking directly with our Billing team.


What do I do if Web.com doesn't recognize my email, or I haven't set up my account by September 30th?


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Please ensure that you are entering in the email address for the Constant Contact account owner. If the proper email address is being entered but is not being recognized, please contact Web.com by emailing their support at support(at)websitebuilder(dot)com or accessing their help page.


If you do not take these steps by September 30 2023, you will not be able to access your site via Constant Contact, and you will need to reach out to Web.com with the above support options in order to regain access to your site and/or domain.


How do I cancel my Website Builder account / payments?

If you would like to cancel your website prior to September 24th, you can do so by contacting Constant Contact support. After September 24th, you should contact Web.com to cancel your service.


If you have any other general questions regarding this transition, remember to take a look at our main article on the topic. After the transition, any questions regarding your site - including billing, products, domains, etc. - will be handled by Web.com's support.

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