1st Party Data Collection Capabilities

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My Question is: Does constant contact have any future plans to increase its users first party data collection capabilities? Currently we can utilize Google and Facebook tracking IDs / pixels on landing pages and sites to gather user data, but as a technological and data oriented marketer, I would love to know if constant contact will ever have its OWN "pixel" or "tracking id" which will provide me with richer data analytics on what people are doing / how they are interacting with all of my marketing content going through constant contact.
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Hi @SethA526 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! What kind of data analytics are you looking to collect through Constant Contact? How do you wish this information to be collected? For instance through a sign-up form, through the email campaigns you're sending? We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience so any further information you can share is helpful for us to have.

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