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A/B test error

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A/B test error

Hi! When I went to schedule a new email campaign, I found you there was a new feature A/B test after the Subject, so I used the feature. It showed the campaign's been done. However, I’m unable to check the result. Always get an error message :”You’ve encountered an error! Sorry about that. Please try again in a few minutes”. Please advice! Thanks, Sara
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Sorry to hear that's happening @SilviaG20,


Is it still happening on your campaign?  If so let me know and I'll have someone reach out to see if we can find out why that's happening.

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Hi Patrick. The issue still exists. Here're some relevant screenshots. 


Thanks for your help!


campaign error.pngerror1.png


Thanks for the info @SilviaG20,


I looked into the issue and it appears we have a defect where if you use an emoji in the subject line of an A/B test it can break the campaign.  We know that testing emojis is important for A/B testing so our development team is working to fix the issue.

In the meantime I can see from our end that the email successfully sent to all of the recipients.  While we can't see any drill-down reporting (seeing which individuals opened/clicked) if you would like we can get you the overall reporting for the campaign.  Let me us know and we can reach out offline to get that over to you.

Sorry about that-- and thank you for reporting the error!

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Hi Patrick.


Thanks a lot! Hope the issue will get fixed soon. Please send the the overall reporting to my email


Have a nice day!

CTCT Employee
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