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I lost all of my work that I spent hours on. From a personal perspective, I just returned from out of town, away from my family, very excited to utilize this marketing tool. I spent my Sunday, my first day back to use Constant Contact. I incrementally saved my work and had worked this campaign to completion and....Nothing...All work was "lost" due to a error on your websites end...a script running error. No frustration or aggravation is worth being away from my kids after an absence for business to have all my efforts flushed down a proverbial toilet. I do not know if I want to utilize constant contact after the poor experience. I am so angry and frustrated at this point.

Hi @NatashaW258

I am very sorry to hear of your experience. I understand how frustrating this would be! Can you tell me more about what happened--Did you see any errors while you were working on only once you clicked to save? Did you just take any actions like pasting into a block or adding an image?



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