Ability to send a campaign in batches...

Ability to send a campaign in batches...

I have over 150,000 emails on my lists and once a month I like to send an email to everyone. However, if I do it with a single e-mail then my website gets slaughtered by all of the traffic arriving at once. Other platforms offer the ability to send emails in batches to minimize this issue. I'd like to be able to choose how many emails to send and how far apart, for example, I'd like to send 10 emails 30 minutes apart. This way each email would only be 15,000 users and the additional website traffic would be spread over a 5 hour period rather than being concentrated into a single spike of unmanageable activity.

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Great feedback @EvelynD,


I'm opening this up for voting!

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Thanks for letting us know about your feedback. At this time we will be marking this as closed due to the number of votes. Feel free to submit your idea again at any time.


I can't believe this is not possible.  In addition to website load, what if, you know, someone actually picks up the phone??    No trickle option at all?  


I'd like to see this re-opened. It's been almost two years and it's still a problem for us. We've been customers of ConstantContact for years but if they're not willing to keep up with the competition and implement such a simple feature then we're going to start shopping around...


I wonder how many similar requests there are in here?