Ability to type in or paste contacts when resending campaign

Why do you have to "fix" things that aren't broken? 100% of what we do via Constant Contact is sending instructions to new clients. We do that by resending a campaign to a specific new email address. Now you have taken that option away so instead of a simple and fast process that I have used for years, I now have to add that person to a list, delete anyone else from that list, and then go back to the campaign and resend. What used to take about 3 steps now takes many more than that. WHY???

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Hi @MaryH821 how would you expect to resend your email campaign to a single contact? With in your contacts tab are you looking for this option? Currently users can quicksend an email by selecting the desired email address under contacts > clicking actions on the top of the list > selecting quicksend in the drop-down menu that appears.


Reply from @MaryH821 

I am looking to do it the same exact way I always have, by going to the Campaign and then Resend To and selecting the option – which no longer exists – to send it to one or more email addresses that I input manually.

I would like a response from someone who actually works for CC – I didn’t realize this was going to a forum of users. I guess it’s time to find another solution.

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Hi @MaryH821 thank you for following up with these details! I first would like to apologize for any confusion there may be with the feedback you have provided. The "Have Feedback" button in every account does automatically submit feedback provided here into our Feedback Community board. This process is however designed like this so other users can easily find similar ideas that they can then comment, share, and vote on With that said if you would rather us delete this post from our Community this is something we can do as well. In the meantime, we have tracked your feedback on wanting the ability to type in contacts when resending your email campaign similar to the function previously available in our Legacy Newsletter templates. We have also opened this idea up so other users can weigh in on it as well.

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