Accessing content for older newsletters

I'd like to be able to access the content for newsletters that were sent out 3 or even 4 years ago.  Why is this not possible?


I recently wanted to brag a bit to a new buyer by sending a copy of a newsletter that was sent out 3 years ago but when I sent a preview to myself to check before sending and clicked "read more" I receive a message that the page is not available.


When considering the branding and past history of my product, it's sometimes nice to go back and relay positive events that happened through the years to a new potential buyer. The template that my design team created is so Good Looking it's nice to be able to show prospective buyes a bit of the marketing & successes we've had/done in the past. Now I must go back and re-create the content when I click "read more". That seems a bit strange....yet I must admit, I'm not an expert at this.  Is this due to a storage capacity issue or is there some other reason?


Or is there a way that I can make sure that 'unique' news can be saved for future use? Some newsletters are created as it is time to send something out. Others are more meaningful. 


Just curious!


HI @KVHawa

When the account was upgraded you were notified that the account would be cleaned out and older campaigns would be removed. This was just to make the account easier to navigate for you. Do you have any specific campaigns you would like to see? If so, I can get you a PDF file of those campaigns (up until 2013) or put a draft back in your account. Just so you know, if you choose to have the draft put in your account you will have them show at the top of your homepage rather than your newest campaigns. I'll just need the name of the campaigns you want to see and which version you would like.



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The earlier feature of the Constant Contact Archive Page was very important to our use of CC. Our newsletter readers were able to click the link to archived issues and read related topics or other newsletters of interest directly from the email. Please restore the CC Archive Page where we can present annotated titles for previous issues.

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