Accessing opens from new dashboard

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I am growing tired of change for the sake of change - I prefer easy to review and read data and recent changes have actually ADDED a step or two in the process. Tell the tech team to throttle back - had they used the product they would know but these are getting tiresome

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Hi @JayR904. What extra steps are you taking now to access your reporting? If you could provide some examples, I can let our teams know. 


Reply from @JayR904:

We once could display the campaign and click on the open percentage to see which emails responded.  Now, thanks to the new and improved site, we need to first click on the campaign to open it up and THEN click on the percentage to see the emails we are after.  An extra step which makes me wonder why it was done in the first place?  To add steps is not the way to make things easier, which is why it is clear those making the changes have zero idea of how we use the tools at our disposal.

Thank you so much for clarifying and I see what you mean by needing to take that extra step to access the opens. I'll open this up for voting but also forward your feedback to our teams so they're aware. 

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