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I have been a customer for 8 years. I am so frustrated - hours before this evening's event, I am trying to send an email to my registrants with the Zoom link to the event. I keep getting bounced off. Have been on the phone with two difference customer service people and it has taken hours of my day on the phone to get a temporary fix to my issues. I am very unhappy with the changes, everything has moved. Contact lists are a mess, adding documents is a mess - please, please add a search ability to documents and lists. It is so hard to find things and takes forever. I simply to not have time for this. I hate the new system. Your upgrade hasn't added anything for me - still no availability to search - which is a no brainer type of feature to have and the changes to where everything is located is extremely frustrating. When I am creating an email, the insert options don't drop down - at leas on my end - all I see is what I am typing. Eventually it will pop up with options to change font, add images and insert documents, but it isn't on my screen automatically. Why is this? Honestly, I think I will just go somewhere else, this is just too unwieldy to navigate. I have lost hours of time today when I needed to be able to prepare for my online meeting. Ugh.

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Hi @LisaD138 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize you're unable to work in your account as easily as you should. With that said, are you looking to search for contacts on the list view tab or search for a specific list? At this time the lists tab under the updated contact management dashboard does allow you to search by list name. As for creating your email, what steps are you taking to add documents? Are you looking for a search tool to locate documents in the Library tab of your account, or when you are editing in a draft email? Also, what browser are you currently working in? Are you having this same experience with the formatting table pop-up when working in a different browser or a private/incognito window?

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