Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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Heartily agree with both suggestions. If you are searching for a particular campaign, click in the email and then go back, you've lost your place in your email search! Very frustrating if you forget to file an email and have a lot of email volume.


It would be nice if there was a search field in the campaigns section. I send a lot of emails and often copy a previous one but to have to scroll to find one sent a year a go is a pain!


Also, you really should be able to edit the name of an email after it has been sent. I like to keep my emails organized by date and if I do copy one and forget to change the name it sucks to have 2 named the same. 


Thank you!

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Yes!  A search function would solve all my issues. We have many event registrations that I need to edit and adjust from time to time. But they all begin with the same word that begins with W. So I have been sorting the list from either A-Z or Z-A to try to get to a couple of particular events. When I choose my folder, a list comes up with a button to "load more campains". I can click this button once and get more, then again to get more, but the third time, it says "campaigns loading" forever.


Under Constant Contact Support's instruction, I tried 2 other browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox) and I have the same issue. I'm seriously considering switching to SurveyMonkey for event registrations.




It would be great if there was an option to search emails.  We send so many that we copy from different points in years past and right now the only way to find an old email is to go page by page.


In addition, please bring the email thumbnail previews back.  Seeing a thumbnail next to emailst was SO helpful just from a visual standpoint to see what the content of the message was/what the message looked like.



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Yes yes yes!


Is there a better way that we have to serch for old emails with out going through all of them...ugh

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This has been a request since I started using CC six years ago. I now have 895 Sent emails. Could there be any more basic feature request?

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Yes, please consider a SEARCH function so we can easily find past emails.


Are you planning on creating a search function for the e-mail section? We have over 1,300 e-mails created and it would be such a huge benefit to be able to search to find the one I'd like to copy. I just had a request for an e-mail sent back in 2013 and had to scroll through 53 pages trying to find it. Thanks!

very frustrating to have to scroll through pages of campaigns to find the one I'm looking for. Would be so much easier if I could just search by name!
Hi- I am really missing the ability to quickly find an old email that can be duplicated or updated. Please install a search function, and bring back the option to go to a particular page of emails. It is very tedious to manually load in a few more emails at a time. Thanks!
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I have a hard time finding specific past campaigns and since we have been using COnstnt Contact for 3 years there is a lot to go through. A search option is needed

I second this comment, your new format is beyond frustrating, at least give us the option of a search button on the top. Not cool CC, might be time to switch to another program.

Since the new layout it is extremely difficult to find my old emails. There is no searh button and no skip to page.... button. Please put back this feature. Thank you
Please add a search function! I sent an email in April that I need to copy and it took a long time to find it.
Dear Constant Contact, I noticed you've changed the way our past emails are listed. It takes a very, very long time to pull up emails that we sent out, say, a year ago and want to copy features from. A "Search" box would be very helpful to have to quickly locate a past email. I might be missing it somewhere, but if not, please consider. Thank you.
This has always been a necessity. With this new version, it is more challenging to find previous campaigns easily
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You need a way to search for campaigns by title from the list (I haven't found one). Scrolling through many campaigns to find the one you want to take content from is tedious.
Please try to program the following for those of us who have lots of campaigns on file and want to resend from the past: * The ability to list 100 emails on a page * Search by email name * page numbers, as it used to be * a clickable link to move forward a page on top, not just on bottom of the list
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This is crazy. This topic is 3 years old. And this is the VERY BASIC funciont that needed to be there from the very beginning! 


Apparently I'm not the only one would would really like a SEARCH function - I have to sort through pages and pages of past emails, it's very time consuming!

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It is only the most-voted feature suggestion in the history of the Community forums.  It makes me doubt how faithfully Constant Contact prioritizes system designs/enhancements based on Community input, as they say.



I can't seem to find older emails unless I scroll through pages and pages of VIEW ALL CAMPAIGNS - one page at at time...I reuse annual emails for holidays etc, and I used to be able to click on a page that was up to a couple years ago - in one click - (they were numbered) - and I could get to that page faster. Now it takes longer scrolling in order by date. Am I missing a shortcut?

I am having the smae problem. Also there should be a search for old emails 

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I hear ya! But I've complained since this new version came in and no listens at C.C. and I don't think they care. Maybe we should call them everyday until they bring back the old version!


How do I search titles of previous campaigns ?
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It would be helpful if there was a faster way to locate/look up emails faster instead of scrolling by date.
It would be very helpful to have a search (bar) capability on the Campaigns page. Perhaps being able to group them would even help, as we have many related emails based on certain events.

Edit: I have discovered the "Folders" option. A search bar would still be extremely helpful.

I would love to be able to search the titles of old campaigns so I can retool and reuse them rather than trying to target by date. Is there a way to do that?
Is there any way to look up a previous campaign by the name of that campaign? I am not a fan of the new format! You can't even go to an approximate date that you sent the previous email, at least not that I have found. You just have to scroll and scroll through TONS of campaigns to find the one you are looking for.
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Why is there not a search function on your site? Where I can type a word that I know was in the title of my campaign, and it pulls up all of the campaigns that have that word in the title? This seems like SUCH a simple thing, I cannot understand why this is not available.
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It takes forever to scroll through campaigns to find a old one, then copy and update it. Thank you
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its so annoying that i cant search all sent emails for a word. Now i have to go back page by page. you used to be able to click on page numbers. now that is gone
Please add a Search option for sent Campaigns
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I would like to he able to search my campaigns data base to find one I has sent previous. This would be very helpful to me.
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It looks like I can't search for an old campaign by keyword. It was a useful feature that I wish would come back. If that feature exists somewhere, please let me know, as I can't find it.
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There should be a search bar to look up old campaigns easily so you don't have to scroll through page after page looking for a previous campaign.
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I love using Constant Contact. I send out about 1-3 emails to over 7000 clients a day. Sometimes we re-send the same campaign more than once (can be more than 10+ times as well). Only issue is when I do this I have to create a new campaign name when I really just want to keep it the same. This now creates more campaigns when I am fine with having just that one. There should be a "Copy" button and a "Replicate" button. "Copy" so that I can use the same template design but change the name and information and "Replicate" button to keep the name the same and edit whatever info needs to be edited. 


Also to make it easier for everyone, there should be a "search" bar for your campaigns. I end up having so many due to the last issue that it can take me up to 15 minutes to find a signle campaign. 


Hope to see these changes soon!

It is no longer possible to find old campaigns by clicking on a page number. If you try to find an old one to copy it, you have to go page by page, and it takes a long time. The old system made this easier.
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The new "campaign" lay out is VERY difficult to follow and use. it is difficult to find past emails - not clear how to increase the number of emails displaying - cumbersome to navigate.
I can no longer find anything without multiple clicks and deep searching as everything is now lumped together. My partner has his own CC account and he still has the old format where he could go into events or email campaigns straight from the top nav menu. Why is mine different, why did it change, and how can I get the old format back
Would be nice to be able to search campaigns by keyword. Can't seem to find that option now.
This is really annoying, I have to hit the View more campaigns button 50 times to get to campaigns that I sent earlier this year!! Please fix this!! I need a search option of at the very least a pages option so I can skip to campaigns I sent out earlier. SO ANNOYING!!!

Full agree. Also, it's exceptionally annoying to have to scroll through campaigns because clicking the forward arrow keeps you at the bottom of the screen/page, so you have to scroll up again to view the next page in order. 

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The loss of this search feature is prohibitive for our use and we are forced to consider other bulk email providers. Please escalate development of this feature ASAP and keep us posted.
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Please add a search function to the campaign list! Sometimes I need to pull up a past campaign from months ago or even over a year ago, and don't want to have to click the 'view more campaigns' button a million times. Sorting by name doesn't help because I can't always remember what I named a campaign. In the prior format, at least the page numbers were listed at the bottom so you could estimate and jump to old campaigns. Having to click 'view more campaigns' for 20 minutes to find what I'm looking for is frustrating!
It needs to have a keyword search or allow you to pick a page number like the old way.
It would be great if the campaigns had a search function. I'm a long time client with 500+ emails. Some programs we promote happen 2-3 a year, changing only dates in the body so we copy the previous email and revise. There seems to be no way to get to any one previous email without paging through to find it.
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