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It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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Hello everyone. A quick update on this request.


We've slowly been releasing the ability to search for campaigns in an account. While many of our users have this ability, we haven't released it to 100% of users yet. Once we do, we'll update and close this thread. The process of enabling this feature is a bit detailed, however, we essentially have to migrate all campaign data into a new index for this tool to be able to search through all of that data. Since this includes all campaigns, it does take a bit of time. We're making great progress though and hope to have this feature available for everyone soon!


In the meantime, you can search for a sent campaign by the campaign name under the Reporting tab. Please note that you cannot search for campaigns in other statuses besides Sent and it will not search the content of a campaign.





There should be a search box. It should not be this hard in order to find contacts/old blasts.
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Please include a search option for sent emails. Thanks!

Hello CC, 

    I find it rather startling that this question was initially asked in June of 2015 and we are in May 2018 and there appears to be no response to the inquiries nor any efforts to provide, what is 74 pages of requests, the thing they are asking for.


As such, I really do not hold out much hope that I will be able to search past emails.


It's very frustrating that we have to go page next to back to a previous year. And then if we need to go to another email in that same week of the previous year, we have to start all over again in 2018. So time consuming. It would be great to have a quicker option. Thanks!
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Can Constant Contact please add a feature so that you can search your past email campaigns (either by title and/or content)? There have been numerous times where I'm looking for a specific past campaign and I have to scroll through page after to page to find it. An easy-to-use search function would be super helpful. Thanks!

We would love to have a search function in the campaign manager. We use the folder feature a lot, but it can still take a while to find a draft or previously sent message. Thank you! 

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I concur - similar programs have the same fallback.  what we do [may not work for a company] articles are saved by title in PC 

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Another user posted a work around that I have found very useful for searching for sent email campaigns.  Just go to the Reporting option.  Then scroll down to the Email Campaigns prompt.  Enter the campaign you are looking for and an alphabetical list will be displayed.  Please see the following screen prints.




Using the Reporting page search box is a good work around if you are searching for something less than 500 campaigns back (for us that would be within the last 4-5 months).  My frustration, and what I keep pointing out is that they have the search capability in the Reporting, why not also have it available in campaigns.

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I would love the ability to be able to search through past campaigns.
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This would be incredibly helpful, and I'm actually really surprised Constant Contact hasn't implemented it yet.  Very simple, very necessary function.

It would be really helpful to have a search function to have option to search Title or Subject or Body of emails for words. For Example, I have sent email with Robard Shakes and it was some time ago, so difficult to find so I can copy and resend similar email. Thanks
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How can I search for a campaign by name rather than scroll through 350 of them?
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We need a search option!
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Right now there are ONLY two ways to serach for email, use the calendar or scroll page by page. Give us the ability to serach by at campaign name!
We REALLY need CC to implement a search function in the campaigns, so we can find campaigns by name. This has been needed desperately for years. We have hundreds of campaigns and spend HOURS looking for past sends. It's a huge time-waster.
Why haven't you added a search tool so I can look for old content! This is such a basic need. Have you seen the comments on your "community" page? Lots of dissatisfied customers! FIX IT
It would be convenient if there was a search box where you can search for the title of our drafts or sent mail so we don't have to sift through everything.

Seriously, how can we not have a search past emails function?

This is one of the most glaring omissions and needs to be added.

I often run the same campaigns year to year. I'd like to be able to search for an email I sent, rather than having to scroll through pages to find the email I sent the same time last year. Thanks!

This would be absolutely helpful to have a search function for the camp[aigns list.  I have years worth of campaigns that I would like to search through very often.


Thanks for listening

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Need to be able to search campaigns. This is one of the most frustrating omissions in CC. Please fix it!


Whole new update, but still no search, eh CTCT? :unamused:

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It would be fantastic to have search function to more easily find archived emails.
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Would you please add a search feature to the Campaigns, so the user could search for keywords to find old email campaigns please?
It would be nice to be able to do a key word search to pull up sent or draft emails. I am often scrolling through pages of emails to find out if and when we created a particular email.
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Account Owners need to be able to sort campaigns.  When they are sorted to a folder they do not need to show up on the campaign page any longer.  this makes it frustrating to find the old campaigns I need. A search bar for campaigns would be great.  A folder for each user would be great too.  Then each users campaigns would be in their own folder and the account owner could access all.  

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I just wanted to add my voice to that request!


HUGE pet peeve to have to manually search through past campaigns!! 


Constant Contact; it's 2018!


The (basic but could be more developed) function already exists in Reporting. Simply copy it to Campaigns!


I don't understand why you don't! There are enough people wanting this?!?!


Thanks in advance,




I would like to have a search button so I can search my campaigns and in the each folder. It would make my life so much easier!

It is patently absurd that Constant Contact has STILL not added a simple search option for campaign users. 

It would be awesome if there was a way to search the campaigns by buzz word or subject matter to make sorting through them faster. Example "swimwear", "halloween", "clearance" etc.
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Years, I am not exaggerating, I have been asking for this feature for YEARS! And I get the same boilerplate answer that they appreciate the feedback and engineers will look into it. Well? How long does it take for your engineers to grasp that this is probably the most wanted feature by users.  


WHY is there NO way to easily search through the campaigns? I should be able to type one word in a search engine and all the campaigns that relate to that category would be listed.

Seriously, Constant Contact. ANY time now...a Search feature for Campaigns. Such a standard request. A request that has been made literally HUNDREDS of times. What's the deal?? Our company has 9 years of email campaigns to search through, and doing that a handful at a time is ridiculous. Aren't all these repeated requests annoying? Want to know how to make them stop? Simply ADD the SEARCH FUNCTION.

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Please provide a search feature for previously sent emails using keywords. Thank you!
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Constant Contact seriously needs to add a search field so people can search for sent campaigns. I have over 450 emails that I have sent and I have to scroll through page after page to find an older campaign that I want to reuse. If there was a search field, I could simply type in the name of the campaign and then quickly sift through the results.


I don't understand why this is not a feature. I have over 300 campaign emails that myself and previous owners have sent and no way to look through them. Even using the "folder" feature as Support has mentioned is kind of a kick in the teeth when you have >100 emails in a single folder.

There are 775 comments to this suggestion alone, which has nearly 400 likes. I saw other comments asking for a search as far back as 2014. I don't understand why this is not yet a feature.

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Campaigns: It would be great to be able to search for campaigns by keywords in the subject line or title instead of having to sort through them by date. Contact Search: It would be nice to be able to search with keywords from company names or other fields rather than just first, last and email. For example if I want to search for all my Boy Scout contacts, just typing in Scout to populate any contact with "Scout" in any of the fields. The current search tool seems very limited. Thanks for considering!
A simple search feature is missing!
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Please include a search bar for the campaigns page so one doesn't have to manually search through all the pages to find a document.
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Hi - I use constant contact to promote events. I name each blast with a number (which is the date of the event I am promoting ie: 082318 [Aug 23, 2018]). It would make my life so much easier to locate old promotions, if you included up at the top, a search field where I could pull up past events without having to scroll thru pages of archived blasts. Do you think that is something you can add to the Campaigns window? Thank you for your consideration! If it already exists, please tell me where I can find it.
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PLEASE add the ability to search for campaigns! When you have hundreds of campaigns to look through, it is very tedious to find the one you are looking for!

Please create a search function for subjects.


100% agree!!!


Not responsive.


This is really an essential feature to those who have a large number of campaigns. 

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It's been two years and we still can't search our library of newsletters and surveys. Your feedback was "Thanks for telling us!", but no change. Read today about stock surging.. checked it out.. no problem searching your library for all documents containing that word. Just an FYI and notice.

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