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Add Search Option to Campaigns

Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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It's very frustrating that we have to go page next to back to a previous year. And then if we need to go to another email in that same week of the previous year, we have to start all over again in 2018. So time consuming. It would be great to have a quicker option. Thanks!
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Can Constant Contact please add a feature so that you can search your past email campaigns (either by title and/or content)? There have been numerous times where I'm looking for a specific past campaign and I have to scroll through page after to page to find it. An easy-to-use search function would be super helpful. Thanks!
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We would love to have a search function in the campaign manager. We use the folder feature a lot, but it can still take a while to find a draft or previously sent message. Thank you! 

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I concur - similar programs have the same fallback.  what we do [may not work for a company] articles are saved by title in PC 

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Another user posted a work around that I have found very useful for searching for sent email campaigns.  Just go to the Reporting option.  Then scroll down to the Email Campaigns prompt.  Enter the campaign you are looking for and an alphabetical list will be displayed.  Please see the following screen prints.




Using the Reporting page search box is a good work around if you are searching for something less than 500 campaigns back (for us that would be within the last 4-5 months).  My frustration, and what I keep pointing out is that they have the search capability in the Reporting, why not also have it available in campaigns.

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I would love the ability to be able to search through past campaigns.
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This would be incredibly helpful, and I'm actually really surprised Constant Contact hasn't implemented it yet.  Very simple, very necessary function.

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It would be really helpful to have a search function to have option to search Title or Subject or Body of emails for words. For Example, I have sent email with Robard Shakes and it was some time ago, so difficult to find so I can copy and resend similar email. Thanks
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How can I search for a campaign by name rather than scroll through 350 of them?