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Add Search Option to Campaigns

Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
We need a search option!
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Right now there are ONLY two ways to serach for email, use the calendar or scroll page by page. Give us the ability to serach by at campaign name!
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We REALLY need CC to implement a search function in the campaigns, so we can find campaigns by name. This has been needed desperately for years. We have hundreds of campaigns and spend HOURS looking for past sends. It's a huge time-waster.
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Why haven't you added a search tool so I can look for old content! This is such a basic need. Have you seen the comments on your "community" page? Lots of dissatisfied customers! FIX IT
It would be convenient if there was a search box where you can search for the title of our drafts or sent mail so we don't have to sift through everything.
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Seriously, how can we not have a search past emails function?

This is one of the most glaring omissions and needs to be added.

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I often run the same campaigns year to year. I'd like to be able to search for an email I sent, rather than having to scroll through pages to find the email I sent the same time last year. Thanks!
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This would be absolutely helpful to have a search function for the camp[aigns list.  I have years worth of campaigns that I would like to search through very often.


Thanks for listening

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Need to be able to search campaigns. This is one of the most frustrating omissions in CC. Please fix it!

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Whole new update, but still no search, eh CTCT?