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Add Search Option to Campaigns

Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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Please create a way to search by keywords in the campaigns tab.
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Hey @TimandPamelaM, thanks for your feedback! This is actually something we have in the works! Once it's available to all accounts, I'll be updating this thread. 

We often want to see what we said about a similar event in past years, and waste alot of time paging back to find the message(s)! Need to be able to search! Subject line and/or name of message would be OK; even better with search in the content (for newsletters with several topics.) Thanks in advance for considering.
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Yes, please!!!

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I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for FINALLY adding a "search" to help users find previous campaigns that were sent out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In all my years using CC, I am so happy it's FINALLY a feature you have added!!!!  THANK YOU for listening to your users!!! 

CTCT Employee

Hey @JanetG726, I'm so glad you're enjoying the new search feature! It's something we've worked very hard on and couldn't have done it without the feedback from our users. Let us know if you see anything weird with the search or if you run into issues. 

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Thank you for implementing this - it works great!

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Hey @SusanB26, thanks so much for sharing your idea and feedback! I totally agree that having the ability to search through your past campaigns would be a huge time saver and a lot of other users agree with you. We've actually been working on a feature that does just this and are now slowly rolling it out to our users. You may get it soon but keep an eye out on this thread as I'll be updating it as soon as we've released it to everyone. 


Why does it seem that one cannot search via keyword or subject for previous posts? We have years of posts, and to have to search through the full list is such a waste of time. Please email me if I am missing something. Kind regards, Jack Newman Director of Communications Doane Academy


It's GREAT that you put the search feature in for us! Thank you very, very, VERY much!