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It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Hi @JeffW467,

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We reuse contents from previous campaigns and associated emails often, and have to browse through pages and pages to find them. It would be great if ConstantContact provides a campaign search option based on date, subject, and location.

Hello @WilliamM0773!

When you say location are you referring to the ability to search a specific folder for a campaign?

As for date and subject you should have a filter by date option on your campaigns page and we are slowly rolling out the ability to search to all accounts. 2019-04-10_9-53-22.jpg


Agreed. Search option would be very helpful.


Hey @LindaS087,

I actually just checked your account and you do already have our search feature! If you go to campaigns in your account it should be located in the upper right hand side. Where were you looking for this feature? 

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While it's nice that this feature had finally been added, as Candace has so helpfully pointed out,  let's just take a moment to consider it was proposed as coming soon two years ago. I posted a request about this almost four years ago. 


Maybe coming soon is a subjective term.  But he is my continuing issue with this: constant contact markets a communication tool for communication professionals. However, up until the company started rolling out this new feature there was essentially no communication at all about it even though it's pretty basic and had been requested by dozens of not hundreds of users. 


Some of us might not still be irritated about this had CC simply given us anything but crickets about this for years.


Hello @LittoralSociety 

Thanks for the feedback about this as it can help us make changes to our processes in the future. I'm very sorry that you felt like there wasn't enough communication on this feature in the past. Would something like a notification on the post be helpful to you?

It'd be great to have a search bar to look through sent emails (list/calendar view)
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How is it 2019 and you still haven't added a search feature?!! We are a Chamber of Commerce who not only runs our own campaigns, but run on average 2 a day for our members, which means nearly 700 campaigns to search through! I can't spend all day looking for an eblast from six months back, but it would be so easy to search it by business name or event name, then copy it , update it and go! What's the hold up Constant Contact??

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They added the search option a while ago.  If you go to Campaigns, there is a search bar right at the top.  Good luck!

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I was told that by end of July we would have a search for campaigns and I don't see this featured added yet. This is annoying as I have to click through all the pagination to find what I need. tHIS IS SO BAD., PLease send me an update.
I've been using Constant Contact for several years now, in an academic setting, and I have never understood why the 'search function' does not have the ability to search by campaign name. Instead of searching for similar e-mails I sent last Fall by plugging in Aug-Sept, which produces a hundred results, it would be much easier for me to search "Weekly", or "Resident Fellows Luncheon" and pull all of the previous e-mails under that name. Thanks! -Hall Center for the Humanities (University of Kansas)
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Gee, wouldn't it be great if I could SEARCH for a word in my campaign titles, or body copy? You know, like ALL COMPUTERS do?
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It would be helpful to find previous campaigns sent by title. Right now I can only search by date range.


Hello everyone. A quick update on this request.


We've slowly been releasing the ability to search for campaigns in an account. While many of our users have this ability, we haven't released it to 100% of users yet. Once we do, we'll update and close this thread. The process of enabling this feature is a bit detailed, however, we essentially have to migrate all campaign data into a new index for this tool to be able to search through all of that data. Since this includes all campaigns, it does take a bit of time. We're making great progress though and hope to have this feature available for everyone soon!


In the meantime, you can search for a sent campaign by the campaign name under the Reporting tab. Please note that you cannot search for campaigns in other statuses besides Sent and it will not search the content of a campaign.






What's frustrating is that there's a search bar in the first place. I'd rather not see it instead of trying to use it unsuccessfully, time after time after time. I've been requesting to have a functioning search bar since I started using the service in 2018 and still don't have one, even though I've been told repeatedly that the fix is in progress. Is there a time frame to this project? As the months and years pass by, additional events are added to my library and it now takes a substantial amount of time for me to scroll through pages and pages of events to find a past event. It's getting to be too much. Again, I'd rather not see the search bar at all so that I'm not constantly looking at a function that doesn't work for me but apparently works for other people. Or I should receive a partial refund of my annual payment since I'm not allowed to take advantage of all of Constant Contact's functionality. 

It would be helpful if you could search sent emails by more than just the date. By subject would be super helpful, more than date!
Would be great if we could search by name or title of campaign rather than a send date. Title is easier to remember when recalling.
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I just posted in the community elsewhere that I wish to only locate my campaigns by Sent count.  In the current List View, the Sent count is non-existent.  I wish there were sort columns in the Campaign List view.  Thank you.

PLEASE make it possible to search emails!! 

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this feature request! A search option under the Campaigns tab of your account is in the process of being resleased to our customers. We will update this thread once it is available to 100% of users.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Looks like we forgot to update this from "Coming Soon" but it looks like most everyone found it in their accounts already. This has been implemented. Thanks all for providing your comments and votes!

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