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Add Search Option to Campaigns

Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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It drives me crazy that you don't have a search function to be able to quickly find a past promotion. I like that you can categorize images, but why not have a feature that allows us to categorize our promotions too?
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Need a way to find surveys. Search option or way to store old ones in folders.
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When searching past emails it would be helpful to be able to search on words, i.e. upgrade would pull up all my emails that have the word upgrade in it - similar to Outlook search option. Thanks in advance. GailG

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In the new system, is there a way that I can go look for a campaign that we ran last September without clicking "see more" dozens of times?
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PLEASE make a search feature!

How does it make any sense that there is a search function for the community forums, a search function for the Constant Contact FAQs, a search function for the Art library, a serach function IN FACT for virtually everything under the sun with this fricking service, but there is no way to search created emails? Having a search function shouldn't be a feature that is taken under consideration. It shouldn't be something that users should have to vote for. It isn't a NEW idea at all, rather it is something CC users have been complaining about for years (entries in this thread go back to 2013). It is as much of a no brainer as there is in this day and age. It's one of the features services such as Mailchimp use to differentiate themselves from CC. Search functionality is as basic a function as you will find for any website or service that exists. It's like electricity or indoor plumbing. It is an issue that needs to be addressed now, rather than considered for some vague, indefinite point in tthe future.

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It would be nice to have a feature that would allow a user to search by campaign name or key words in campaigns.
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Guys, give us a break. Under the old system, we could scroll to bottom, click on page 25 and kazoom, we're looking at emails from last summer. Two more clicks and I'm looking at the email that we sent out August 4, 2014. With this crazy system, I need a sandwich and coke so I can stop eat a couple times as click from page to page 427 times to get back to August. Boring. Waste of time. Especially if I want to look at several emails and figure out how come we sold 2,000 red widgets last August. Either fix it or send me a friendly assistant that will do the clicking for me. (I would prefer one that speaks English.) Thanks for doing that. Dennis
Good morning! I'd like to strongly suggest adding a word search feature to sent emails. Essentially, not only being able to organize sent emails by folder (which is a wonderful feature! Thank you!), but also being able to search inside those folders and all past emails for particular key words. This feature would be incredibly helpful to me! Thank you.