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It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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Hello everyone. A quick update on this request.


We've slowly been releasing the ability to search for campaigns in an account. While many of our users have this ability, we haven't released it to 100% of users yet. Once we do, we'll update and close this thread. The process of enabling this feature is a bit detailed, however, we essentially have to migrate all campaign data into a new index for this tool to be able to search through all of that data. Since this includes all campaigns, it does take a bit of time. We're making great progress though and hope to have this feature available for everyone soon!


In the meantime, you can search for a sent campaign by the campaign name under the Reporting tab. Please note that you cannot search for campaigns in other statuses besides Sent and it will not search the content of a campaign.





Does CC have the ability to sort the campaigns by date. If I am looking for an old campaign and I know it went out in October of 2015, I don't know how to get to it quickly. The site takes an extrodinary amount of time to load in old campaigns. It took me an hour to load in a years worth and I could only go backwards...not able to select a specific date.
It would be awesome if we were able to type in some search words to find specific campaigns we've sent in the past. It would make it so much easier to find prior versions rather than searching manually through the long list of sent emails!
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Is there currently or can you add the feature to search My Campaigns. It would be helpful to be able to look for similar topics I know I've created previously without having to scroll through moths worth of campaigns.
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Sorry but I don't like this new layout and process at all. I was determined to give it a try and no doesn't work for our business. Why? 1. We reuse our emails and you deleting our old ones does not work 2. Trying to get to photos that I want to use is harder than ever. I had our photos organized. 3. Lists that I have to keep asking for more just doesn't work. It is hard to find things quickly so a big waste of my time. 4. I was trying to find something, an old email, of a certain date and I could not get to it. Over all if this is the format you are going to use we are going to look for a new provider. If I have to learn something new I might as well learn something else.
Long-time user - would you consider adding some additional functionality to make searching easier? I frequently re-use emails from a year ago and I know the date to search, but it is very cumbersome to scroll through so many pages. Thanks!
You have recently changed how campaigns are listed, so that they are not arranged in pages that can be scrolled through. To go back and look for a campaign from a year ago is tedious and takes forever now. Please go back to pages of campaigns that can be scrolled back and forth quickly!

this is the third time i've posted on this site about the need for the Search Feature, and i've responded to "Customer Sastisfacton" feedback forms as well.... and yet hear nothing from CC on this for 2 months/since redesign. This is ridiculous that we are all asking for this feature and we have not heard ANYTHING from CC.  What is going to take? Have we not pleaded enough? Wasting more of the little time we have?

Campaign--how to search for previous campaign by name? Other than scrolling forever.
It would be nice if you could search for certain titles and certain time periods within the list of campaigns. I am trying to find something that was sent two years ago and it takes a long time to find it by hitting the "view more campaigns" button when I know what it was called and roughly when it was sent.
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I also am very frustrated that I've lost the ability to search for campaigns based on what page they were on.  It is also inexcusable for you to delete emails before 2013.  We have been sending out campaigns since 2006 and lost many campaigns.  At least you could have offered us the opportunity to receive them by bulk if you were going to make them unavailable to us.

I am most disappointed in the "upgrade" and consider it a terrible "downgrade."

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AndyH16 and AnnaMaeP, I totally agree with you!!!

A search feature would be extremely helpful when trying to find an archived (deleted) campaign, instead of having to scroll thru pages and pages of old campaigns.
In the new design, is there a way to go directly to a page of campaigns without having to click on "more campaigns"? If I want to get to page 25 of my campaigns I have to click that options about 25 times. Under the old format I just selected the page I wanted to go to and I was taken directly to it. Maybe I'm missing something. Thank you!
Hello, we have been a subscriber to Constant Contact for over three years. Many times we need to reference past emails, but the display of the 'Sent' campaigns makes this very difficult without a function to filter your campaigns or search the titles. Adding this functionality would be greatly helpful and much appreciated!

I think you recently made it even more difficult to search for an archived email.  There are no longer numbered pages of emails, simply a "more" button, so even if I know the email I am looking for was sent in september of last year, I can't start an approximate number of pages back, I have to go through EVERY page until I find the email I want.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it possible to search.  Just searching by the title or words in the title of emails sent would be a Godsend.

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Can you please go back to the page number feature that enables me to easily find the emails I sent in a certain week a year ago? This new system is ridiculous.
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It's AWFUL that I have to click that button like 20+ times to get to the one I need. There should be a date filter - something. Anything.
Need to find an agent from several months ago. Too time consuming to scroll through all of our agents. Please help!
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Can't browse though list of previous "campaigns" easily anymore. None of our campaigns were/are sorted. I need to find a campaign (email) from a year and a half ago. We use to be able to scroll through and locate easily now can't. Have to click at the bottom of each over-sized list of campaigns titles by page, can't skip any. Not amused.
It would be nice to have a search box to locate past campaigns that have been created.
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I appreciate that Constant Contact in continually improving, and rather enjoy the new web-layout. I have one *VERY* real complaint: You've made searching and digging through old campaigns MUCH more difficult, and almost pointless. Campaigns searched through the old site was not easy since there was no SEARCH FUNCTION, but it was manageable because I could just go to a distant page with the date range I needed to find an old email. The new campaign organizer is a never ending page load, and clicks of "View More" - and STILL HAS NO SEARCH FUNCTION! My feedback is this: Either change back to having pages to sort emails, rather than loading a years' worth of campaigns on one page, or ADD A SEARCH FUNCTION!
In old system it was easy to find old email. You needed to go to the specific page of previous sent emails and find it. It is enlarged page format and no paging option is available.
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Nothing more - simple search to find certain keywords/dates.  There's a function to search contacts and am surprised to see that there isn't one for campaigns.


Please, Please give us the option of view our past campaigns without having to go back one page at a takes forever and finally just freezes up after about 5 or 6 pages in to the process
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For someone who creates a lot of campaigns it is a constant hassle to not have a simple search box that can filter my campaigns by the Campaign Name. Especially if I'm looking for a particular campaign dating back weeks or months. To keep clicking the "View More Campaigns" button gets annoying. Where is the user-friendly experience?
On pervious versions of Constant Contact there was a way to skip to campaigns in the middle by selecting a page number. Since once cannot jump to a point in the middle and one has to hit refresh over and over to get there (and then as soon as one clicks on an e-mail and goes back to the main page, all the refreshing is gone!) it is very time consuming and difficult to find a campaign in the middle of a long list of campaigns. This makes the website almost unusable for these purposes.
It was much easier to look through old emails in the former format, but a word and/or topic search function would be great!
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I need to get to a campaign from February. Is the only way to keep scrolling down? Are you serious!?
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Could I get the ability to sort by scheduled date also? This would give any user the ability to view their emails going out in a chronological order
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the new gui interface is not good for quickly locating old email campaigns, i have wasted 2 hours this morning on something that normally takes me 5 minutes. Absolutely terrible and needs to rectified, this is something that would cause me to leave Constant Contact despite being a long time loyal customer. Time is money and I can't be wasting time like this.
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Amen...totally agree..its so inefficient and ineffective right now, very frustrated

Site makeovers are great and all, but as a newsletter creator it would be more helpful for a search option for newsletters----even being able to search titles, if not the content of the newsletters would be a tremendous boon.
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We are a school and we send out lots of emails! It would be nice to be able to search by month/year. Many things such as sporting events, and fundraisers are annual and it would be nice to be able to quickly find the email I sent out last September, etc.



Bridget Winget'

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Help! Please tell me there is another way. On the old version of your website, I could easily skip ahead 4 pages, 5 pages to get to an old email to see what we communicated, copy it, etc. Is there a search or SOMETHING? It doesn't make sense that you would remove the numbered page searching.
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Please give the page scheme again for the campaigns because it is easier to pull out campaigns of 2-3 years ago by just flipping the pages!! It is tedious to go thorough all campaigns to find a particular one !!
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I wish there was an easier way to search for old campaigns other than the button "show more campaigns" at the bottom of the page. If I'm looking for a campaign from a year ago, I might have to scroll through 200 emails before I find what I'm looking for. If they were grouped in pages (as they used to be), I could quickly jump back 10 pages to find items from last year.
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It is extremely cumbersome to go back and search for a particular email. A search function would help OR an option to search by a particular date range or subject line. Anything would be better than scrolling through pages and pages and pages and pages....
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Is it possible for the list of campaigns to be put into pages that I can easily toggle? If I have something I want to reuse from last summer, it takes 30 minutes to find it and often the constant contact page becomes unresponsive. Thank you! Raye Lynn Rath The Yoga Institute

hate to complain but....i am so incredibly frustrated by the total inability to locate an email from this time last year....never ending pages and pages of "view more items" .... the site freezes or crashes. I have been trying for days to get to an email from last september and literally want to pull my hair out....what in the world is going on?


I am with you 100%.  This is certainly no improvement!


so angry that I can't add video to my press release template!


Thank you for reaching out to us about the troubles you are experiencing with searching for a specific agent. Are you referring to the "contacts" page and scrolling through all the contacts to find a specific agent? If so, try using the "search contacts" feature we have at the upper left of your "Contacts" page. You can even click the "advanced button" to do an advanced customized search of your contacts as well. Hopefully this should help you out, and thanks again for your feedback.



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I find it hard to understand how Constant Contact expects to stay in business without even responding to the growing list of complaints about inability to search old emails. Many of the changes to the GUI only make this issue worse (elimination of thumnail that goes with the list view of emails, eliminatin of pages buttons to easily move through groups of emails). All of it is driven home by whatever error caused a resend of all 105 comments about lack of search function for past emails. As someone who has trained people in customer service and watched the implosion of major companies who ignored such issues (anyone remember Quark? I didn't think so.), I don't get why Constant Contact even has user forums if they simply intend to ignore them. Guess what will piss me off even more than not getting the search funciton I really need? That would be constant reminders that lots of other people have asked for that exact same thing FOR YEARS only to be completely ignored by Constant Contact. There are other options out there in email land. Maybe I should move my company to one of those and see if they will respond in some way to a customer complaint.

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Yeah, CC has definitely gone downhill and does not seem to care.  It almost seems like the owner's15 year old kid has taken over the design team and can do no wrong.


The silence is deafening ... and the user experience is terrible.

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The pain continues.... I hope this upgrade tonight means that Constant contact is finally going to do something that shows they care....

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Two suggestions, both for the campaigns page:

A search bar to help locate emails

The ability to hover over a title and view what the actual email looks like without having to click on it and change pages

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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