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Add Search Option to Campaigns

Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!
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Please do this - I waste so much time searching for old campaigns that I need to copy - huge time suck....

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same thing everyone else has said.  it is awful to think we have to click through pages of campaigns to find the one we want to copy and use again. 

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Constant Contact needs to implement two things.


First the ability to search for an email by the campaign title, or a keyword in the project title. I have hundreds of emails that have been created in just the last 6 months. Trying to find a specific one is a pain in the butt.


Second the ability to add personalization to the subject line. It's 2017, not 2001. Email clients and spam filtering is much more sophisticated than it was even 5 years ago and data shows that personalized subject lines can actually increase open rates and engagement.  

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I want to look for a specific campaign without browsing. I have posted this request a few times and there are hundreds of other similar requests from other users. I am asking.... WHY is there no search bar to search campaigns?
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We've been waiting for YEARS for a basic search function. It's such a basic need that I can't imagine why it would take CC so long to implement it.  I asked for this years ago and you're still "looking at it".


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Yes, for years now. It's astounding that no one at CC cares to respond to customer needs. I just realized how much i'm paying monthly for this "service." Not worth it.

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I would like to add my weight to this suggestion. We have thousands of campaigns that all have a city  name in the title. It is extremely frustrating to have to search through dozens and dozens of pages to find a specific campaign. A simple search of campaign titles with specific words (such as Los Angeles) that would return a list of just those campaigns with that city name would save me a vast amount of time. Many others have asked for this, and I am feeling the frustration this morning so I wanted to add my plea to have this (very basic) functionality added. Thanks.

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I've been asking for a search feature for years. It would be extremely useful, as well as efficient, to be able to search past emails for a text string. With so many users asking for this feature, it should be a priority development item.

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Hello all!  I posted this over a year ago and have been updated every time one of you added your frustration to the list.  It is clear that by now that Constant Contact isnt going to do anything about it.  I just signed up for Mail Chimp- AND ITS FREE!

It would be an incredibly useful update to get a search bar on this campaign page.