Add notes to new calendar

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Add notes to new calendar

Can you make a comments box in each day so we can add notes about and keep track of all our social media dates?

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This is a great idea @ElaineCarolS,


I'm going to open your idea up for voting.  Would you be looking for a simple text field where you could make notes to yourself?  Would you want those notes visible on the calendar itself?

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In it's simplest form it would be just a note box like you mentioned where I could make notes of which posts I want to make to which social media.


A better idea would be to have color coded choices for each box (pop up or drop down menu so they would fit).  Each color would represent a different social media.


Even better - we could post to other sites right from the calendar.



Love these ideas.  I'm going to share them with our product team and keep this open for voting!

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Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback to us. At this time we will be closing this idea due to the number of votes it has received. At any time feel free to submit your idea to us again.